Annual Crunchy Family Survey (2015)

Annual Crunchy Family Survey (2015) |

One of the best ways a blogger can get to know their readers is through feedback—so we’re implementing a yearly survey into the blog.

Charlise and I, Liz, chat all the time about new features we can bring to Crunchy Family, so we’ve a plethora of ideas.

We just don’t know what YOU want.

We also have Top Secret ideas for next year planned, but we’ll let you guys know more about that later. We think you’ll love it, though, because it’ll be jam-packed with resources and goodies—because let’s face it: you’re worth it.

We’ve been brainstorming ideas for an eBook, be it free or not, as well as a newsletter—subscribers will receive discounts on any paid eBooks we release, in addition to access to the free eBooks/other downloads we release!

We don’t know what you want/need unless you tell us, so your feedback helps us out a ton—from brainstorming and planning posts to deciding which way to go next with the blog!

Click to take survey!

Liz Lawson is an editor at Crunchy Family, but more frequently an autistic lifestyle blogger @ In her free time, she indulges on Netflix and The CW. Oh—and she’s secretly a cat. 😏😼