5 reasons to teach kids how to code

Coding is pretty amazing; it’s awarded me many opportunities personally and can contribute to much more than just coding-related things.

5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code

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4 thoughts on “5 reasons to teach kids how to code

  1. My son’s elementary school has a day of code every year, where the whole school gets to learn about coding for an hour. Then, they can go on that website throughout the year and practice coding. It’s a neat concept.

  2. this is very helpful as I’ve done my best to advise not only kids but my friends about the tremendous value behind this skill.

    thanks for choosing this topic and raising awareness for it!

    <3 daniel @ ilovebad organics

    P.S. awesome to see that you guys are still blogging onward with awesome topics!

    • Yes—I consider myself, a self-taught coder, lucky to have attended two middle schools that allowed an awesome program for young girls (girlstart.org), in which code was taught. I’m amazed at how many resources there are to teach young children about coding, because it’s truly an underrated skill schools should include more of, methinks.

      Haha, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

      Things have just been slow around here lately because 1) Charlise is moving, and 2) I am rebranding my own blog to be more organized and, well, professional.

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