Meet Stella & Dot’s Fall 2016 Line

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If you watch a lot of TV, chances are you saw Stella & Dot on Undercover Boss. If not, how do you feel about the phrase “on fleek”? It’s been replaced by “on ten”. “Trill” is still in, though I’ve not yet figured out how to use it myself. Luckily, Stella & Dot—a fashion company delivering classy, styling fashion pieces—exists and keeps up with (and sets) the trends for us.

Stella & Dot’s Fall 2016 line is no exception: the pieces are versatile, which means you can mix or match and wear them up or down—they’ll carry you all through fall, and possibly onto winter!

My favorite pieces are the Gilded Path Wrap Bracelet and Pyramid Watch. I dig leather, but I’m into it even more when there’s some shiny to it (and I’m not talking about polish shine).

What are your favorite pieces from Stella & Dot’s Fall Line?

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