3 Ideas for custom shirts

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Spring is here, and summer is fast-approaching. Both seasons bear need for custom shirts beyond the typical business/community event purposes, so perhaps this post will inspire a unique use for your needs!

1. Birthday parties

Instead of having to wrangle several kids or adults wearing all kinds of different outfits you also have to keep up with, design a T-shirt specific to your party to eliminate stress.

Goodbye fretting over parties at the park or someplace else public, like an amusement park or Chuck E. Cheese’s.

(…they’re still around, right? It’s been a while since Charlise has held the boys’ birthdays there.)

2. Family reunion

No, no, no—I know: commemorating your family reunion is SO cheesy. That’s not where I’m going with this. I’ve got you covered, ’cause I’m not cheesy (I mean, I love eating cheese, but that’s different).

Why not have teams? Split your family into different groups (or teams), then hand out a questionnaire sheet (or packet) per person. It’s the perfect icebreaker: Only one person can answer a question, and then they must leave their name. Each question should pertain to a person’s personality or interests. Each group has their own shirt color/design. Alternatively, you could have a list of hobbies and have team members find people who have those hobbies.

Not everyone is into small talk, and this gives people a chance to get to know each other. Later activities could be games, if your family is into sports or board games.

Get creative! Perhaps the different shirts just add color and uniqueness to the mix, and family members sign each others’ shirts.

Need more ideas? CustomInk’s got you covered!

3. Design & sell T-shirts

Bring some individuality to the mix and start your own business in the process—use CustomInk as your supplier. Their Design Lab makes customising your design (or creating your own) easy-peasy.

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