Small Town Values that Pack a Big City Punch

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In a small town, everyone knows one another’s name; there are no strangers. People work hard each and every day to make an honest wage and provide a good life for their family. An individual’s word means something, and almost everyone strives diligently to be a person of integrity, moral standing, and relentless work ethic. In a small town, people dream big and stand up for their convictions. They fight for the underdog knowing that each member of the community is essential and no one can be overlooked or forgotten.

Drew Herrmann grew up in a small farm town in southwestern Kansas, and he upholds the blue-collar convictions of his youth. He leans on his enate moral code and tireless work ethic when he goes into the office every day. Mr. Herrmann had a big dream while growing up in a small town, and he has made that dream come true through a winning combination of hard work, dedication, and unwavering perseverance and tenacity. Mr. Herrmann is not only the proud owner and CEO of a law firm, Herrmann Law,  in Fort Worth, Texas; he is also well-respected within the legal community and praised by his clients.

Mr. Herrmann specializes in employment law, and he is committed to providing expert legal counsel and representation for aggrieved employees in labor and employment matters. His expertise is vast. His resume boasts of experience with wage, overtime, retaliation, and wrongful termination lawsuits, lawsuits concerning salary-exempt status, discrimination lawsuits, lawsuits dealing with the payment of tips, tip pools and gratuities, sexual harassment lawsuits, breach of contract lawsuits, and many other workplace lawsuits.

Growing up on a large-scale, vertically integrated farm and ranch, Mr. Herrmann learned to understand and appreciate hard work from a very early age. At only four years old, he was introduced to ranching and farming and began to learn the family business. His unfledged exposure to the agriculture business gave him the opportunity to witness that other farms were not as fortunate as his family’s farm. Many of the employees were treated unfairly, and they were fearful to speak up against their employers. It was during these formidable years that Mr. Herrmann conceived the belief that employees deserved fair and adequate representation in legal employment matters both big and small. The seed had been planted which would lead to a career in justice and lawfulness.

Mr. Herrmann went on to graduate magna cum laude from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He continued his education after being accepted into Texas A&M University School of Law. There he demonstrated an aptitude for law and earned the magna cum laude title once more. Since law school, Mr. Herrmann has established himself as a well-respected attorney, and he started a law firm, fulfilling his young dreams. He is now known as the “Pay Check Collector” because he is a champion to the disenfranchised with an uncanny ability to win cases against much bigger adversaries. Mr. Herrmann has built his firm on the belief that employees have protected rights in the workplace and he will fight to ensure that his clients attain justice—either through litigation or settlement.

Photo of Drew Hermann
Drew Herrmann, the Pay Check Collector.

Supported by years of legal experience, Mr. Herrmann has represented countless clients in both the Texas state and federal courts. He is not afraid to face the big corporate conglomerates head on, but he also believes that mistreatment can happen in the smallest of businesses. Therefore, no employer is immune to the letter of the law and Mr. Herrmann will fight for the underdog with an unabridged focus and scrupulousness.

Many people are hesitant to consult legal counsel when they experience discrimination against employees with disabilities, sexual harassment, discrimination, or violations the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) because they are afraid to stand up to the Goliath that is their employer. Mr. Herrmann gives this mistreated contingent a voice and the power to evoke change within their workplace and their industry. He makes it known to employers it is not acceptable to manipulate their employees to line their pockets and indulge their avarice. He stands up for those who might not be able to stand on their own because he knows that all people should be treated with integrity and honesty and justice is not reserved for the wealthy.

If you or someone you know has experienced a workplace grievance and need legal counsel, make sure you contact the Pay Check Collector, Mr. Herrmann. Mr. Herrmann applies his small-town values when approaching each case and client but his talent, dedication, and absolute commitment deliver a big punch to employers that try to evade the justice of the law.

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