Response: 7 Signs You Don’t Really Have A Food Allergy

I have a misinformation complex: I don’t like misinformation-spreading! 🤦‍♀️ My soft spots are allergies, autism, abuse and, more recently, how the internet works + Net Neutrality. This post is a response to Prevention’s article “7 Signs You Don’t Really Have A Food Allergy”. I’m not a doctor of any kind, but I have a lot of experience with allergies and intolerances. I don’t know anything about the author of the article, but I prefer not to because it’s nothing personal, this information just harms the allergy community??

But I do sometimes wonder a lot about whether the people writing these articles about allergies vs. intolerances actually vida la vida.

Because allergy research is ongoing. Used to, no one thought a nut allergy could be developed later in life, especially by a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich-loving person. 🙄 And oral allergy syndrome gets ruled out if the reaction is not solely oral. (But then, also, maybe I was just always allergic and it worsened over time; I thought that that feeling in my throat was normal??)

Anyways. Let’s go.~

1. Some allergy symptoms are only in the stomach.

Vomiting, a sign of anaphylaxis, can sometimes be an allergic response. And sometimes, the only sign of an allergen is vomiting. Blueberries, for example: I am allergic to all berries, but blueberries are the worst and most severe. I imagine I’d have gastrointestinal issues if I had a berry intolerance (?), but I don’t. Small amounts of blueberry make. me. sick. It’s the worst. I love blueberry muffins and blueberry fruit leather and blueberry biscuits.

This blueberry muffin mix my mom got when I was a kid was artificially-flavored until we discovered the mix company didn’t use real blueberries the day she made muffins with the “New and Improved” version made with real blueberries. I got to stay home from school in exchange for never again being able to have blueberry muffins. And I didn’t even get to eat the rest of the batch! If I had known I’d never get to taste blueberry muffins again thereafter—I mean, I could, but I’d barf it all up—I would’ve savored those two blueberry breakfast muffins instead of scarfing them all down.

(I also can’t do lotions containing blueberries, because I get hives.)

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