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We do reviews, giveaways, and display advertisements, but we’re also open to any suggestions you may have for other methods of advertising.

Our reviews are on a 1-5 scale system — we will happily review your product, and if it rates a 3+ on our scale, we will post the review on our website. If your product ranks below a 3, we will return your product (if requested), along with our ideas on how the product could be improved.

We suggest you include a giveaway with your review, as it draws in more traffic, but it is not required.

We ask that your review item/event/location fall into at least ONE of the following categories: all natural, organic, vegan, allergen-free, mom, dad, parenting, baby, kids, family-friendly, pets, art, recycled, reusable, reclaimed, home school, educational, books, sustainable, eco-friendly, etc.  If you have a question about whether we think your product, even or location may fit our requirements, don’t hesitate to ask!  You don’t necessarily have to be “crunchy” to be approved.  We aim at bringing our families closer together!

You are welcome to submit more than one product for review; if you do, they will be reviewed separately and spaced out on our calendar. Contact us via the form below to submit your product(s).


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Our giveaways are listed at a number of giveaway linkups and websites (e.g. Blog Giveaway Directory), which allows for a much greater reach than that listed in our stats.

PR Relationships/Opportunities

We’re looking for brands who would like to work with us on a regular basis — partnerships, ambassadorships, etc. — with whom we can stay connected develop healthy relationships. Keep this in mind when pitching us!

Additional opportunities

This blog is managed by two people—Charlise and Liz. Liz has her own blog, janepedia.com, on which she also accepts sponsored posts. We go to the GFAF Expo together and have split products from shows before out of convenience. Should you wish to work with us on a team level, we can definitely arrange something.

Video Reviews/Features

We launched CrunchyFamilyTV, where we will accompany videos with our posts upon request. Contact us for more information.

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