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What is a crunchy mom?

There are many names for a “crunchy” mom. Likewise, crunchy moms come in all varieties. Here at Crunchy Family, we accept and welcome crunchy moms of all levels.

Crunchy moms are also called a variety of things, including a naturally-minded, granola, green and hippie.

So, what makes a crunchy mom?

The traits of a crunchy mom include:

  • Consciousness: environmentally, socially, and health-wise
  • Recognition of different approaches; not locked on one approach for every problem and every situation; every child and family is different
  • Combines conventional knowledge and research to make the best decisions for family
  • From our readers

    Because we’re all in this together, here’s what our readers have to say:

    A naturally-minded mom is a mom who is willing to go against the grain and do what is best for her child and her family. […]

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