Babies delivered to same-gender couples in “Storks”

Mid-September, I tried Amazon Prime for a bit because of a new laptop order and a “Why not?” attitude adopted from Hillary Duff. It wasn’t until October that I realized I had the ability to indulge in Amazon’s channels—including the special movie channels, like Starz and Showtime and HBO. When I saw Storks listed under the HBO channels, I subscribed to a free 7-day trial to HBO and hopped on that ish. […]

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Dallas Arboretum – 2017

The Dallas Arboretum is one of my favorite places to go around the DFW area.  I received complimentary tickets to take my family to visit for their fall pumpkin exhibit which I have been wanting to check out again for YEARS.  The last time I was there for this exhibit, my oldest (who is 12!!) was in Pre-K.  Fall is definitely my favorite season and our last trip to the Arboretum, we just missed the pumpkin display.  This year, there was a really cool Wizard of Oz theme that we all enjoyed. 

It was a little windy, but otherwise, the weather was perfect.  My second oldest, Remy, was being a grouch which is why he isn’t in a couple of the group pictures but once he remembered how awesome the Arboretum was, he started having fun.  What I love most about this place is that it gives me a great backdrop for super cute pictures to send to family AND there are loads of things for my kids to do so they don’t get BOOOORRRREEEEDDD. 

The Children’s Garden is full of fun activities that teach you about things like solar power and water energy.  My kids really love playing in the water as well as in the big tree house.  Ok, maybe my four-year-old wasn’t a huge fan of the tree house.  He isn’t much for heights and I can’t blame him there.  We had fun getting lost in the maze though! […]

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