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Urthbox: August 2015

A rep from Urthbox reached out to me about receiving a box and writing about it, because I’m an affiliate. For more info, read our fancy, schmancy disclosure for more info.

Urthbox: #glutenfree August 2015 |

I selected to receive the gluten-free box, if only because the GFAF Expo is coming up (more info soon!) and last year, Charlise and I noticed we have a plethora of readers following the gluten-free diet here at Crunchy Family, and I wanted to make sure we catered to guys! […]

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Review: Create Cosmetics Tea Tree Lotion with Giveaway


I have pretty crappy skin, so I was excited to try the Tea Tree Oil Acne Lotion from Create Cosmetics.  Since becoming pregnant, I am having breakouts like crazy, so I should have known something was different (It’s a girl!!).  I usually have really nice skin when I am pregnant, but not this time!! 

I really love tea tree oil on its own because it’s such a cure-all.  I have used it for many things that ail me (and my family), so I had high expectations of it.  I like to use the lotion after I shower and wash my face.  It’s a little tingly and makes my skin feel cool.  Tea Tree Oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, so it takes the red out of your face pretty quickly.  It’s also anti-bacterial so it helps to keep all the grimy germs that love to clog your pores at bay. 

The lotion is also full of great ingredients like Shea butter and Jojoba oil which nourish and moisturize your skin.  I noticed a really big difference after about two weeks of using the lotion.  I definitely continue to use it as a preventative because it’s such a great moisturizer for my skin. […]

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Review: Clever Yoga Mat Strap with Giveaway


When I got my awesome Yoga Design Lab mat, it didn’t come with a strap.  I was pretty bummed about this because it’s hard to keep it rolled up on its own.  I thought about making a bag or something for it, but I am so bad about making things for myself.  Eventually, I came upon a review opportunity for the Clever Yoga Mat Strap

Life is SO much easier with a strap on your yoga mat.  It’s just a simple piece of 100% all natural cotton webbing with a loop on each end, but it has MANY uses!  Let me tell you about them…

  • Your strap keeps your mat from unrolling and falling all over the place.  They aren’t small when unrolled, so they can be a tripping hazard if unrolled.

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