Homemade Valentine’s Day Crayons

Are you looking for something fun to send to school with your kids in place of candy for Valentine’s Day?  I am always THAT mom who tries to avoid the sugar and dyes on these holidays where SO many treats are given to my kids.  It’s one thing if they have it every now and then, but holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween guarantee that we have a bowl full of sugar rush and hyperactivity for a month straight. […]

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Redecorating with Recycled Materials

I hope you enjoy our guest post today!

Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Recycled Materials

Written by Jane Blanchard

There is much to gain from reclaiming materials and reusing them for other purposes. Salvaging old or used materials is often cheaper than new. They introduce a comfortable feeling with unusual characteristics that create interest and warmth in their new-found destinations that just cannot be matched with new or artificially distressed products. […]

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