The Crunchy Family Directory is back (+ tips for your listing)!

A much-requested feature of Crunchy Family is our directory. The reason we first took it away was because an update to the plugin broke it and the rest of our site, and I haven’t had the chance to test it and bring it back. Now, it’s back, but since it’s been so long since it’s been up and several other things have changed on the site, all listings have been removed. […]

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Crunchy Family: Call for blog posts

Got ideas? Hit us up!

Heya! We’re looking to bring Crunchy Family back to life, but also in a way that is more about our readers—we want to hear from you!

While we have freestyle guest posting abilities detailed on our official submission page, we’re bringing series-based opportunities to the table, too.

To submit posts for any of the calls listed below, please visit our official submission page. […]

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