Why Should I Use Cloth Diapers?

One of my favorite classes to teach in my teaching career wasn’t physical science, although I really loved it, but was a Cloth Diapering 101 class. Mostly I enjoyed the random questions the dad would ask as they always kept me on my toes. Right now I’ve taken a break from teaching to home school my oldest, but I still have lots of cloth diapering wisdom since  I have had three children in cloth diapers over a span of six years and counting! […]

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What is a crunchy mom?

There are many names for a “crunchy” mom. Likewise, crunchy moms come in all varieties. Here at Crunchy Family, we accept and welcome crunchy moms of all levels.

Crunchy moms are also called a variety of things, including a naturally-minded, granola, green and hippie.

So, what makes a crunchy mom?

The traits of a crunchy mom include:

  • Consciousness: environmentally, socially, and health-wise
  • Recognition of different approaches; not locked on one approach for every problem and every situation; every child and family is different
  • Combines conventional knowledge and research to make the best decisions for family
  • From our readers

    Because we’re all in this together, here’s what our readers have to say:

    A naturally-minded mom is a mom who is willing to go against the grain and do what is best for her child and her family. […]

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    Popular Soft-Structured Carriers

    Baby wearing has a multitude of benefits, for both the parent and baby. Baby wearing allows your little one to be safe and secure, all while allowing you to be hands free. When you wear your baby, you are allowing them to see the world from your point of view, and yet also allowing them to turn away if they get too stimulated or don’t want to “talk” to strangers. […]

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