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We welcome contributors of all types, provided their posts fall within the organic/crunchy lifestyle.

Crunchy Family is run and managed by two cousins—Charlise and Liz.

Types of posts our readers love

  • Personal stories: Open yourself up to our audience and the world; vulnerability is what really allows readers to connect with writers. Personifying photos are recommended!
  • Recipes: Healthy, hearty, homemade meals and snacks, galore! Recipes with clear instructions and ingredients, and high-quality photos (i.e. food porn) tend to do best. Please don’t send us a photo of a recipe that looks like your dog’s vomit or your cat’s hairball. We, along with our audience, will pass.
  • DIY & Crafts: Teach us how to do something! DIY posts should be accompanied by unedited, high-quality photos of the project—not a stock photo of something we can buy at the store…unless you’re teaching us to DIY our own.

Who reads Crunchy Family

Mothers—lots of ’em! We also have some dads, but it’s mostly mothers who want the best for their kids. We have and welcome readers and writers of all faiths, provided they treat each other respectfully.

Posts our readers couldn’t care less about

Information about insurance, the elderly, divorce, etc. does not do well here—our readers love Crunchy Family for its stories and the relatable posts. They don’t want a list of ways to do something; they want a story about how the topic relates to you personally. If that story can be put into the form of a list of ways to do something, that’s cool, too.

Once your post goes live

We encourage our contributors to share their published posts on social media, as we will share posts across our platforms.

If desired, your post may be posted six (6) months after going on live on Crunchy Family, provided you link back to the exact URL the post was originally published on.

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  • use placeholders for images (e.g. [diy-tshirt-headbands.jpg] or [lizs-cat-todd-kitten-2011.jpg]) and wait until we reply requesting images,
  • do not submit anything less than 400 words,
  • try to include at least two links to existing Crunchy Family posts,
  • do not make every sentence an exclamation point,
  • send us posts not published elsewhere,
  • and give us at least 14 days to respond. If we do not respond within 14 days, feel free to pitch elsewhere.