Crunchy Family, Jr.: A Book Club for Kids

The Crunchy Family, Jr. Book Club is a project I wanted to launch over the summer, because it made most sense, but didn’t get around to. I was trying to figure out the details of it and how exactly to do it, but…meh. That obviously never happened. I’m working on starting a book club on my own blog, Janepedia, and I figured a kids’ book club could be equally fun.

Age group, goals and purpose

Books read will be basic—no chapter books, lots of pictures, cutesy, etc. They’re books you might already have in your possession, have read several times before, or meant to read but just…didn’t.

In terms of who can use our site, this book club is targeted towards people who are at least thirteen (13) years of age or older, as per our Terms, who can read to either themselves or to peeps who want to be read the books.

The goal is to encourage kids to establish a healthy reading habit. The book club is all about making reading fun—not something you have to do or else.

If you’re a parent and are trying to find new, interactive ways to read to your kid(s), the book club may be perfect for you.

If you’re a babysitter or a nanny: even cooler!

How Crunchy Family, Jr. Book Club will work

Each month, a featured book will be selected.

  • Week 1: Featured book revealed
  • Week 2: Tips on how to work the theme of the book into real life
  • Week 3: Book-related craft
  • Week 4: Featured images shared to Instagram via our hashtag, #crunchyfamilyjr, in relation to that month’s book.

If you wish to discuss the book/projects, you may do so in the comments sections of the posts.


You don’t have to participate in every part of the book club. If you just want a reading guide because you can’t decide what to read your child, okay! You can follow along with us!

You also don’t have to participate every month. ^^;

Club dates

The first month of this book club will be September 2016. You can like/follow Crunchy Family on Facebook to stay updated on the book club.

Jane is a lifestyle blogger and cousin to Charlise. In her free time, you can find reading, writing, and/or streaming on demand.