The emotional dilemmas of getting a sunburn

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Woman leaning back against sand, in a long-sleeved, slightly see-through top, sunglasses, hat

No matter how cautious one gets with their skin, you will get sun-burned someday. Sometimes the SPF won’t work and the UV rays will penetrate causing damage. Other times the sun will have a sneak attack during a cloudy day where it is least expected. Whatever the case, you will get roasted. For many people, being sun-burned causing an emotional roll coaster. Let’s dig deeper into this series of emotions throughout your sunburn journey.

Blissful ignorance

You’re lying into the open sun enjoying the scenic view of the ocean whilst having that cold drink by your side. You will elated and wonder if you’re actually getting enough sun. You won’t mind dozing off as well for some time to enjoy that moment.


After a few hours, your skin starts feeling a bit tingly and warm. You wonder if you’ve been lying too much in the sun and reevaluate your decision. However, you simply ignore the thought and keep enjoying the rays of sun onto your body.


You get back to the safety of your room and are preparing yourself for a shower. Before jumping in you give yourself a look and wonder why you didn’t catch much color today. However, as soon as you jump into the shower you feel a sharp sting within your body. The pain is intense and feels like a horror scene from any movie. You quickly jump out the shower making a promise to yourself to never take one again. Ever!

Sudden shock

As soon as you leave the shower, you stare at your sunburned lips in the mirror and would give a loud gasp. You wonder what this sorcery is. You look like a swelled pumpkin ready for the Halloween season. But it’s just a single side of your body as you laid down on one position for so long. You have a feeling of bewilderment and pure shock.

Survival game on!

After grasping yourself from the instant shock, you rush to the nearest convenient store next to you to get a huge bottle of aloe gel. You put it all over your body and your sunburned lips covering every spot twice and maybe thrice. Then you lie on your bed as a sticky pile of meat with occasional shrieks and pain throughout the body. You wonder why this dawned upon you.


Now you’re planning to revolve all your life decisions around that sun burn. Every cloth piece must not cover the sun burn. The cloth should be soft not to irritate your skin and gently brush against it to cause minimal pain. You can’t change sides during your sleep because the pain just gets worse. Your workout schedule will be affected tremendously as you can’t bear the rise in body heat due to working out. Ever decision needs to cater the fact that you are sun burned.

Denial mode

After a week of precautionary measures and appropriate treatment, you’re finally turning brown. All the treatment has started to work and you’ve actually not peeled your skin to do that. However, your skin still feels like that of a rattles snake but you won’t admit it to yourself. No way!


You start seeing flakes of skin and now you’re traumatized. You worked so hard and you were this close to getting back to your real self. Now you panic and start applying heaps of lotion. You can’t bear this torture anymore!

Accept your fate

After panicking, you’ve come to the realization that you shouldn’t put too much stress on putting that lotion more. You reduce its frequency and simply say to yourself that you’ll be more careful with putting SPF next time and bathe in it. You bow down to the demon known as Sun and accept the horrible fate it has bestowed upon you.


After the recovery, you vow to yourself to be religious and put SPF before going outside anywhere. You still dread your lips being sun-burned and wouldn’t think about that nightmare again. You make vows and promises however alas they’ll just last till next summer. A new summer brings a new you – someone with a “don’t care” attitude.

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