Essential Oils 101: Introduction and Simple Safety

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by: Praisaeng

Essential Oils are gaining popularity in crunchy families across the country! Moms in particular desire a more natural approach to healing the scratches or sicknesses that invade their homes!

 Essential Oils (EOs) are natural products that are super versatile! They can be used to heal the body from an injury, a headache, or a cough! They are a money saver when used for cleaning your house and warding off bugs! EOs are taking the place of over-the-counter products and are becoming a household staple!

 Every essential oil is amazing and has a multitude of uses. Depending on the ailment, there could be more than one essential oil that will work. Usually, you can use one at a time, or you can use a few in conjunction with each other.

Essential oils should ALWAYS be diluted in a carrier (such as coconut, olive, or safflower oil). Never use undiluted (neat) oils on a child or infant, or person with sensitive skin.

 Essential oils should NEVER be ingested or used in or near the eyes (unless under the supervision and direction of a certified professional who is learned in essential oils/aromatherapy.)

 Bottles should always be dark in color and the label should always indicate the scientific name for the oil.

 For children and infants, rub a drop or two of the EO (after diluted with carrier oil) to the bottom of the child’s feet.

 There are certain EOs that should NOT be used on children under 6! Peppermint oil is one of those due to the potential to “cause respiration to slow in children”. Find more information here!

 There is a world of information about EOs on the web! There is also a lot of misinformation regarding EOs!

I would recommend visiting the following websites for more in depth information:

Learning About EOs for an abundance of information, including what oils are safe to use with children.

Visit Mountain Rose Herbs for safety tips and the purchasing of teas and tea supplies, aromatherapy, pure, certified by OTCO organic oils. **

 *Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only. None of these statements are intended to treat or diagnose an illness or disease. Seek medical advice for injuries, illnesses, or disease. *

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  1. Thank you for this! I have been wanting to get started with essential oils for a while now but am feeling totally overwhelmed! I love this site, I am constantly finding great info to help me on my crunchy journey. I swear it’s like you all can read my mind and then write about whatever I am wanting to learn.

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