Babies delivered to same-gender couples in “Storks”

Mid-September, I tried Amazon Prime for a bit because of a new laptop order and a “Why not?” attitude adopted from Hillary Duff. It wasn’t until October that I realized I had the ability to indulge in Amazon’s channels—including the special movie channels, like Starz and Showtime and HBO. When I saw Storks listed under the HBO channels, I subscribed to a free 7-day trial to HBO and hopped on that ish. I watched Storks (of course I did) and loved every bit of it—and then came the end, wherein the storks delivered babies to all the families who’d ordered them, and saw a couple of two men, then a couple of two women.


I rewound to confirm, ’cause the scenes of couples were so fast. CONFIRMED.

Here it is in slow motion for you:

Naturally, I watched it twice. If you’re a fellow movie buff, follow me on Letterboxd.

Have you seen Storks? What’d you think of the movie?

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