The Crunchy Family Directory is back (+ tips for your listing)!

A much-requested feature of Crunchy Family is our directory. The reason we first took it away was because an update to the plugin broke it and the rest of our site, and I haven’t had the chance to test it and bring it back. Now, it’s back, but since it’s been so long since it’s been up and several other things have changed on the site, all listings have been removed. […]

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Stella & Dot’s Stylist program: April 2017 special

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We’ve mentioned it before, but Stella & Dot is at it again with their specials regarding their independent stylist program!

For a $199 sign-up fee, you’ll receive $650 in free accessories—$300 more than the usual stylist payout—which you could keep, create giveaways with, or do whatever you wish with. […]

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