End-of-the-year reader survey

Along the way, Crunchy Family was put on the back burner and neglected. In 2018, we’re going to fix that.

This survey is 100 percent anonymous, unless you choose to give us your name in the field provided. Answers will help us determine what things to prioritize on Crunchy Family more than others. […]

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Photo of plans in Portugal

Here’s the thing about #NetNeutrality…

The battle to save Net Neutrality is here again—I’m so tired of worrying about it every. single. month. Remember the dial-up days? That’s what we’re looking at if we lose Net Neutrality in the United States. The internet stops being available in one fell swoop of a package and becomes like cable/satellite providers—do you want social media with that? […]

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Dallas Arboretum – 2017

The Dallas Arboretum is one of my favorite places to go around the DFW area.  I received complimentary tickets to take my family to visit for their fall pumpkin exhibit which I have been wanting to check out again for YEARS.  The last time I was there for this exhibit, my oldest (who is 12!!) was in Pre-K.  Fall is definitely my favorite season and our last trip to the Arboretum, we just missed the pumpkin display.  This year, there was a really cool Wizard of Oz theme that we all enjoyed. 

It was a little windy, but otherwise, the weather was perfect.  My second oldest, Remy, was being a grouch which is why he isn’t in a couple of the group pictures but once he remembered how awesome the Arboretum was, he started having fun.  What I love most about this place is that it gives me a great backdrop for super cute pictures to send to family AND there are loads of things for my kids to do so they don’t get BOOOORRRREEEEDDD. 

The Children’s Garden is full of fun activities that teach you about things like solar power and water energy.  My kids really love playing in the water as well as in the big tree house.  Ok, maybe my four-year-old wasn’t a huge fan of the tree house.  He isn’t much for heights and I can’t blame him there.  We had fun getting lost in the maze though! […]

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How to get your kids interested in gardening

Note from editor: Gardening is one of my passions, and this post feels very Crunchy Family-y. It’s by a dad named Zac, who has a blog all about gardening(!). After reading this post, I want a vertical garden now (haha). ~Jane

In the present digital age we live in, it has become exceedingly difficult to get kids off their phones and get outside. […]

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Watermelon and berry fruit on a blate

The numerous benefits and power of red food

In our ever long pursuit of great health, better skin, better hair, fit body, we tend to explore all the possibilities, and while we might be aware of the health benefits of certain foods and dietary and lifestyle habits, some are left under-explored. This is why it is important to pay attention to the power of red—red food that is, so let us dive in and see what wonderfulness the fruits and vegetables coated with the color of love can bring to our lives; let us discover the amazing health and beauty benefits of these little things and how including them in our diet can vastly improve our lives. […]

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Books on a shelf

How to make reading more fun

When I was in school, we had Accelerated Reader Tests, or ARTs. I did them one year before backing out and stopping: I didn’t enjoy reading the books within my eighth grade level; I preferred the young adult/new adult mystery fiction novels by Lois Duncan (RIP) on a shelf in my journalism teacher’s room more. […]

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