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How to get your kids interested in gardening

Note from editor: Gardening is one of my passions, and this post feels very Crunchy Family-y. It’s by a dad named Zac, who has a blog all about gardening(!). After reading this post, I want a vertical garden now (haha). ~Jane

In the present digital age we live in, it has become exceedingly difficult to get kids off their phones and get outside. […]

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Photo of woman in red plaid dress, with a boy in jeans and a navy top with red-and-white designs, which color-coordinates with woman's dress

Janie and Jack’s 2017 Holiday Collection

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Janie and Jack has a new holiday collection inspired by seasonal celebrations that I’m finding utterly adorable. Kids’ clothes are cute, sure, but this collection allows for a mothers’ outfits to complement their daughters’ (or, of course, daughters’ outfits to complement their mothers’)…and a plethora of other opportunities?? […]

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