Party In My Pants Pads Review

Party In My Pants Pads Review | crunchyfamily.com
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Yo! I ordered a sample from Party In My Pants Pads last year, but I didn’t get to actually try it until here recently. The package was slightly confusing at first, as it came from “Luci Daum Design LLC”, but discrete is fun sometimes, yes?

I used the Luxe Liner as exactly that — a liner — along with the Instead Softcup and Intimina Lily Cup Compact. I usually use U by Kotex liners, which are really thin little things. The PIMP Luxe Liner is slightly thicker, if only by a mere 2% — who really wants to math right now, anyway — however, it’s able to hold much, much more. I may have accidentally forgotten about the Instead Softcup’s existence until I stood — let’s be real: I totally forgot about the Instead Softcup’s existence until I stood.

Though thin, my PIMP Luxe Liner is pretty absorbent. I could get away with wearing it on my light-to-moderate days, but since I currently just have one cloth pad so far, I’d rather not. Because I did have to wash it, I had to endure a disposable pad, and as soon as I could return to using my PIMP, I definitely noticed a difference.

The PIMP didn’t bulge up, and it wasn’t as visible through my clothes as much, if at all, as disposables are. It is comfortable and light, and I think the only adjustment I’d need to make is ordering a second snap.

Party In My Pants Pads Review | crunchyfamily.com
Aren’t these just the cutest? Like, #omfgwant

I’m honestly surprised at how much absorbent it was for me, because there were no leaks — and it makes me wonder if, perhaps, I could easily get away with smaller absorbency pads in the future, provided they’re cloth. I think it’s because disposables don’t really collect anything… everything just sort of sits on top, and you’re left feeling like you need to change it — and like you’re wearing a diaper — whereas this didn’t stay wet for long, and it feels exactly like my clothes.

I’m going to be purchasing PIMPs in the future — the pattern choices are cute and silly, the pads are definitely high-quality, the person I talked to seemed nice… to me, it feels like I got the high-quality product I expect to receive from well-known disposable companies, sans the chemicals and with the personal touch.

If you want to try them out, you can order a sample from their site – just pay for shipping and handling!

You can also “Like” them on Facebook for a chance to win a free pad whenever new patterns are introduced.

I kind of want to just collect all the patterns. >.>

Do you use Party In My Pants Pads? Do you have a favorite pattern?

P.S. It is worth mentioning that a public review (i.e. blog review here) was my idea and not at all part of any offer, etc.

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