Review: Create Cosmetics Tea Tree Lotion + Giveaway


I have pretty crappy skin, so I was excited to try the Tea Tree Oil Acne Lotion from Create Cosmetics.  Since becoming pregnant, I am having breakouts like crazy, so I should have known something was different (It’s a girl!!).  I usually have really nice skin when I am pregnant, but not this time!! 

I really love tea tree oil on its own because it’s such a cure-all.  I have used it for many things that ail me (and my family), so I had high expectations of it.  I like to use the lotion after I shower and wash my face.  It’s a little tingly and makes my skin feel cool.  Tea Tree Oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, so it takes the red out of your face pretty quickly.  It’s also anti-bacterial so it helps to keep all the grimy germs that love to clog your pores at bay. 

The lotion is also full of great ingredients like Shea butter and Jojoba oil which nourish and moisturize your skin.  I noticed a really big difference after about two weeks of using the lotion.  I definitely continue to use it as a preventative because it’s such a great moisturizer for my skin.

If you’d like to enter to win one of three bottles of Create Cosmetic’s Tea Tree Oil Lotion, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules before entering!!  Winners will be contacted via email!

Author: Charlise Lee

I am a Crunchy Mama of 5 rowdy boys and 2 sweet girls! I also gave birth to a baby girl in January 2016 for an awesome couple as their surrogate. I married my awesome husband, Brian in October 2016 and we are located in a little city outside of Dallas, Texas. I am a jill-of-many-trades. I run a laundry service, do custom sewing and even sell lactation cookies to my locals. I love to shop at thrift stores, take showers without an audience and spend time dreaming of a life off the grid! Follow me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos in the life of my crunchy family!

17 thoughts on “Review: Create Cosmetics Tea Tree Lotion + Giveaway”

  1. I’ve been using tea tree oil from The Body Shop. This product looks interesting though! I also really like the Ulta-Calming Night Cream from Aveeno. It doesn’t cause breakouts and really helps even out skin tone.

  2. Yes ! I have terrible acne and have had it all my life regardless of what I do!! I’m actually trying to start eliminating foods from my diet (overall diet clean up) and hope that helps!! I would love to try this lotion!!

  3. I didn’t have issues with acne until I got older. Usually stress and bad eating bring on my acne. I’ve been using a benzoyl perozide wash on my face which has helped a ton.

  4. I occasionally have acne and I try to keep my skin as clean as possible and watch my diet. It helps a bit.

  5. I do get acne and it tends to be caused from stress or hot sweaty workouts. I use a acne toner and acnevir gel. I think this would be a great thing to try!

  6. I’m almost 50 and I’ll still get acne time to time. I don’t know what brings it on and I’ll just use some Clearsil cream.

  7. Yes, I have acne. Mostly the cystic kind. Brought on by certain things I eat (additives in stuff or dairy) or by stress. Nothing really seems to conquer it. The light thing does seem to help more than other things so I use that most of the time.

  8. Even at this age I still get acne. Usually stress brings it on or too much humidity in the air. I usually use Noxema.

  9. When I was younger I did have acne, even went to the dermatologist for it. Now, I am pretty lucky but I wash my face and don’t wear make-up on it. My daughter needs some help though!

  10. My son who is 15 has a big issue with acne Im sure its just his age but still no fun. He has been using Clearogen lately.

  11. Yes, I still suffer from acne. I am not exactly sure what provokes it, but I use Simple facial wash.

  12. Even at 30 years-old, I still suffer from acne. I think it gets worse during ‘that time’ of the month, but I always have at least a few spots on my face. I’d love to find a more natural solution. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I’m middle aged and still get acne! Eating certain things like candy bars or pop tarts brings it on. I’m currently trying Retin-A cream.

  14. I do not have acne. I get a couple little ones when I use a new facial cleanser. My brother has it pretty bad but only because he is 14 I am guessing. Thanks for the chance!

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