Review: Deluxe Car Trash Can

I am being compensated for my time put into writing up this review and for thoroughly reviewing this product from Happy Chappy.  The compensation, which may be free products or cash/PayPal, does not alter or influence any of the opinions expressed in this blog.


I love it when I get to review products that are REALLY helpful in my life.  A lot of the things I review are more FUN and luxury items, but the Deluxe Car Trash Can is SUPER useful.  I have put it in my (new to me) minivan to keep it nice and clean.  I have five boys, so they are pretty good at making a mess anywhere they go and the car is no exception. 

The Deluxe Car Trash Can has several features:

  • The trash can section is large and made of a leak-free non-toxic lining to keep the messes inside of the trash can.
  • It comes with a holder for a box of Kleenex or soft pack of baby wipes.  I always have a pack of baby wipes that gets lost in the car so this is PERFECT!
  • There is a pocket for a bottle or sippy cup which is very helpful if you have a baby or toddler.  Even big kids can use this pocket.
  • There is yet ANOTHER pocket that is perfect for holding a small notepad and markers, or a travel game (think car bingo!). 

The trash can fits just about any vehicle and is super easy to attach to your headrest.  This is a GREAT gadget for any mom or dad.  Even if you aren’t a parent, this is a very helpful item to have to keep your vehicle neat and organized!!

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I am being compensated for my time put into writing up this review and for thoroughly reviewing this product from Happy Chappy.  The compensation, which may be free products or cash/PayPal, does not alter or influence any of the opinions expressed in this blog.

I am a Crunchy Mama of 5 rowdy boys and 2 sweet girls! I also gave birth to a baby girl in January 2016 for an awesome couple as their surrogate. I married my awesome husband, Brian in October 2016 and we are located in a little city outside of Dallas, Texas. I am a jill-of-many-trades. I run a laundry service, do custom sewing and even sell lactation cookies to my locals. I love to shop at thrift stores, take showers without an audience and spend time dreaming of a life off the grid! Follow me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos in the life of my crunchy family!

40 thoughts on “Review: Deluxe Car Trash Can

  1. I would put expired coupons that I forgot to use in the trash, lol.
    I would also put all my empty water bottles in there instead of tossing them in the backseat.
    Thanks for the chance :)

  2. We often go on road trips so I can see loading this up with snack wrappers and water bottles. What a great idea.

  3. I would stash trash in it or make a stash of goodies. that way I would have some whenever I want one becase keeping goodies around here is inposaple

  4. I’d use it for tissues that I used, fast food garbage and the paper thingys from soda straws

  5. We always have a lot of sippys and snack wrappers to throw away that is what we would put in the car trash can

  6. I would put extra tissues, hand wipes. Oh and of course gum so the kids don’t steal it lol

  7. Besides the obvious need for a garbage container in my car, I’d stash wet wipes for the kids. Hiding travel surprises for the kids also provides some moments of happy discoveries during those long car trips.

  8. I would stash used tooth picks, tissues ,gum containers in my car trash can. I would probably have more than one car trash can, so I could recycle on the go.

  9. I would stash all the garbage that the kids usually toss on the floor. I would also put wipes in it like you and a water bottle.

  10. I would store a box of tissues in that specially designed pocket. I think that’s great because we always need tissues. I like the bottle holder too. I would also use it to keep any rubbish, like wrappers, until we get home where we can throw them out.

  11. I would store a box of tissues, a note pad and pen, a local map, and a water container (keeping fresh water in it all the time)

  12. I’d probably put a kleenax, water bottle and some emergency supplies in the deluxe car trash can

  13. This is an awesome product! I’d stash snacks, water, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, and some extra toys for my little one.

  14. Oh, my goodness. What wouldn’t I stash in a car trash keeper? I’d throw paper and wrappers and all of that stuff away.

  15. I would use it for all the items needed when traveling or even just short trips! Drinks, cups, napkins, etc.

  16. This is very cool. I have a plastic trash bag that when you take a turn track goes everywhere. yeah not cool I know. I will have to get one of these. thanks for sharing

  17. I would stash all the trash that my 8 year old seems to generate. I hate a messy car!

  18. I would stow all the rubbish that the kids leave in the car. What an excellent idea, sure beats a plastic bag on the floor.

  19. This trashbag would def come in handy in my car lol. My kids and I are on the go constantly with sports and things and lots of snacks are eaten and lots of bottles are used.

  20. I would stash some baby wipes (we all still use the natural ones as hand wipes when travelling!) and some snacks and toys! I like the bottle holder and that it holds trash too. Very versatile product.

  21. I would so put everything in it….wipes for the kids since they are so messy…drinks and of course they can pick up their trash in car

  22. Oh this would be perfect as in the summer we are constantly taking road trips. I would use this for all the empty drinks and wrappers as well as tossed directions.

  23. I would use it for my husbands pop bottles that usually end up rolling around he car.

  24. I’ll put some wet wipes in the back. I’ll keep a water bottle in the side pocket.
    Thanks for the contest.

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