Review: Sun Si’belle Tinted Sunscreen

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One of the things I really dislike about sunscreen is how the white cream makes me look more like a ghost than I already am.  I have never before tried a tinted sunscreen and honestly didn’t even know they existed.  I got sent a bottle/tube of the Sun Si’belle tinted sunscreen for review and I am really impressed by how perfectly it blends with my skin.  It looks like it might be a little dark when I squeeze it out of the tube, but once I rub it in, it doesn’t give me a “foundation mask” all over my body.  It blends in nicely with no greasy residue.


For some reason, most sunscreens smell like something tropical, but summer time isn’t the only time people wear sunscreen and not everyone wants to smell like a pina colada.  The Sun Si’belle sunscreen has a light lavender scent which I really like.  This is the second Sweetsation Therapy product I have been able to try out and I really love them!  They are high quality with great ingredients, a lot of which are organic.  

This sunscreen has an SPF 30 which is a little low for my fair skin. but it works well for daily use rather than a “sitting all day out in the Texas summer sun” use.  I don’t think it would be high enough SPF for ME in that situation.  It is gluten free and nut oil free which is good for those with sensitivities and allergies.  

Have YOU ever used a tinted sunscreen?  Tell us what you dislike about your current sunscreen!

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  1. Glow sticks are so fun! That’s great to know that all except one of the glow sticks has worked for you so far. I love that trick about putting them in the freezer. Our 2nd grade class voted for a glow stick party when the marble jar was full. Thanks for the review.

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