365 Arts & Crafts in 2016 – #1-17

Last year, I joined a Facebook group with some of my crafty mom friends and the challenge was to create 365 crafted items over the year of 2015.  ANY craft, no matter how big or small would count and you didn’t have to do one each day.  You could do ten in one day and none for the rest of the week.  It totally worked with your schedule, but seeing as how I had a completely crazy, all-over-the-place year in 2015, I failed at the challenge. 

This year is going to be SO much more stable.  I am not planning a move.  I have learned the ins and outs of my new home (RV).  I will not have a very toxic person interfering in my life.  I am surrounded by joy and happiness.  I have SO many goals.  I have many new things to look forward to in 2016. 

Even at a million weeks pregnant, I have already gotten a head start on my craftiness for the year.  Since I have been waiting for our precious Laken to arrive, I have created SEVENTEEN crafty things!! 

I created four plastic dinosaur necklaces that my children REALLY want.  Those might not make it to my sell pile. 

I also made five pairs of earrings and eight hair bows!  Not everything is in these pictures, but I was super excited to learn how to make the adorable hair bows!  I am hoping with practice, I get better and faster with them. 

Anyone is welcome to join the crafting madness!  Use #365craftsin2016 on your various social media when you post pictures of your wares! […] Continue reading »

DIY Fall Décor Part 1

This year, I decided I wanted to make some of my own Halloween and Fall holiday décor.  I really wanted things that could be left up for Halloween and throughout the Fall season.  I’m not really big into cheesy décor or corny Thanksgiving stuff, so I wanted some more “edgy” decorations.  For part one, I am going to tell you about two projects that we did.  I am going to link to some similar products if I can’t find the exact ones, but for these two projects, I purchased my supplies at WalMart.  You could also shop online or at a local craft store. […] Continue reading »