DIY Fall Décor Part 1

This year, I decided I wanted to make some of my own Halloween and Fall holiday décor.  I really wanted things that could be left up for Halloween and throughout the Fall season.  I’m not really big into cheesy décor or corny Thanksgiving stuff, so I wanted some more “edgy” decorations.  For part one, I am going to tell you about two projects that we did.  I am going to link to some similar products if I can’t find the exact ones, but for these two projects, I purchased my supplies at WalMart.  You could also shop online or at a local craft store. […]

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A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Valentine’s Day Edition


Are you tired of getting the same old box of chocolates and overpriced roses that die after a week for Valentine’s Day?  If you want something more awesome and/or useful this year, just leave this page open near your significant other.  These are a few of our favorite things and we think they would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts! […]

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Homemade Valentine’s Day Crayons

Are you looking for something fun to send to school with your kids in place of candy for Valentine’s Day?  I am always THAT mom who tries to avoid the sugar and dyes on these holidays where SO many treats are given to my kids.  It’s one thing if they have it every now and then, but holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween guarantee that we have a bowl full of sugar rush and hyperactivity for a month straight. […]

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