My First Surrogacy Journey: Magazine Feature!

We were asked by a friend of our birth photographer if we were interested in sharing our story in a magazine.  Kimberly Whitaker-Enderle, owner and editor of Peekaboo magazine in Northwest Arkansas messaged me and told me about the February birthday issue.  I thought it sounded awesome to be able to share our story to even more people, so I started writing.  Of course the writing brought the emotions and tears.  It was so lovely to be able to share both my happiness and heartache to anyone who was interested to read.  You can read the full story that was published here. 

Along with my own story, I got to read and share the stories of not only Joel and Shannon, but also Joel’s best friend, Thomas.  They all wrote a special little story and letter to me and I will always hold these words so near and dear to my heart.  Since they had to be shortened for the article, I wanted to share them in their entirety here so I have them to look back on any time…

Charlise Lee

I am a Crunchy Mama of 5 rowdy boys and 2 sweet girls! […] Continue reading »


My First Surrogacy Journey: The End Is Nigh

At least I THINK it is…  Last year was such a whirlwind of craziness.  So many things happened that were new and unexpected.  Mostly good, some bad, but all were a learning experience.  Here I am today, on the 5th of January and nine days over my estimated due date just wishing this little princess would hurry up and make her appearance. 

I’ve been over here at Shannon and Joel’s house since about 39 weeks and I am really starting to miss home, my boyfriend and especially my own kids.  They went back to school today after their winter break and it was SO weird not being the one there getting them up, dressed and onto the bus like I always do.  Of course, I really, TRULY appreciate the fact that I have an amazing and competent man who I can trust to make sure my kids are well taken care of while I am unable to be there, it’s hard to hand over the reins. 

Tomorrow is our 41+ week midwife appointment and unless I go into labor tonight, the plan is to have her strip my membranes.  It’s a more natural way of inducing without using Pitocin or anything else that would require taking my butt to the hospital.  If that doesn’t work, which I am hoping it will because it worked when I had it done with Chevy, we will be having an ultrasound on Friday.  Depending on the results of the ultrasound, as long as fluid looks good, we will have access to a care provider who will allow me to go about another week.  I’m really hoping that we don’t make it to Friday because I am getting pretty uncomfortable and everyone is SO anxious to meet her. […] Continue reading »


My First Surrogacy Journey: HUGE Update!

I wanted to post a HUGE update since I haven’t written about my surrogacy in a while.  I have been SO busy working and moving back and forth.  These past couple of months been absolutely CRAZY for me.  Things are finally settled down and we have gotten into a nice routine, so let me update you on my journey…

On my last surrogacy post, we had just had our first midwife appointment.  Since then, we have grown (literally AND figuratively) leaps and bounds in our journey.  We went through an STD scare.  Apparently you can get a false positive for Syphilis when you are pregnant.  This ended up with me getting a shot in each butt cheek only to find out I didn’t REALLY have Syphilis.  Thank you, Faulty Tests. […] Continue reading »