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Confessions of an asexual 20-something

Being the offspring of teen parents—mostly a teen mother­—is really hard. People treat you like you’re gonna go out and have lots and lots of unprotected sex, then someday have a child of your own born out of wedlock someday.

But…dude, hearing about how you should be “careful”, or whatever, whilst you’re an ace? […]

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The Magic of Coconut Oil

By: Shauqee Pauzi

Coconut oil (CO) has  become a Natural Moms favorite natural product! It has countless uses in the home, for your health, and will replace many expensive products! Coconut oil is very affordable and available at your local grocery store! The best type to use is Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. […]

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Crunchy Love for Valentine’s Day
By luigi diamanti

If you’re like most women that have just had a baby or even if are a ways in on the journey of motherhood, chances are, having sex isn’t always a top priority. Now it’s likely that your significant other has sex marked as a priority high at the top of their list, so we sometimes have to compromise. […]

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