Three Days to Perfection Recipe Makeover with Giveaway

Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from GF Mom Certified, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.


I got a copy of the e-book Three Days to Perfection from Tiffany Hinton and I wanted to do something fun with it.  Last Friday, we had our extended family Thanksgiving lunch.  My younger cousin made some really yummy little pineapple upside-down cakes.  I wanted to take the eclair dough and recreate this yummy treat in a whole new way.  Let me start off by saying that I do not follow directions very well.  I like to do things my own way because, well, it’s more fun!  

gf-mom-certified-recipe  pudc-ingredients

First off, I went shopping for the ingredients to make the special flour blend.  I discovered on my hunt that tapioca starch and tapioca flour are the same thing.  Also, I found that xanthum gum is pricey in a large package.  I already had a small packet of it at home, so thankfully I didn’t have to buy the bigger bag.  I ended up having to use ALL brown rice flour because the white type was out of stock.



After I made my flour blend, I got started on my dough.  Now I am no baking queen, nor do I claim to be, so I was really winging it with this idea.  I whipped up my dough and decided to do two styles of my pineapple upside-down cakes.  


On the ones of the outside, I wanted to bake the pastry halfway, remove it from the over, pop it, fill it and finish baking.  On the “cakes” in the middle, I made them like you would any other pineapple upside-down cake.  I put all the good stuff in the bottom, then plopped my dough on top.



While they were baking, I got thirsty.  Who wants a pineapple-cherry slush??  



This kid does!


And so does this mama!


Once they were done baking, I pulled them out and poked little holes in the middle ones.  The outer ones had already kind of flattened when I removed them from the oven to fill them.  The middle ones sunk after being removed from the oven as well.


After they cooled a bit, I served them to two of my kids that were interested in trying them.  My kids are picky about sweets sometimes but these two LOVED them!  My mom and I also tried one of each style of “cake”.  After trying them, I decided that I should have let them bake a little longer.  Since they were enclosed in the little muffin holes, they didn’t cook all the way through.  They actually tasted like pancakes or waffles after you let your syrup sit there and absorb into them.  


The “cakes” were not too bad and definitely pretty good for a first try, making up my own recipe.  We picked the traditional style “cake” as the better tasting of the two.  Since the brown sugar, crushed pineapple and cherry were in the bottom of the pan, it caramelized to perfection!  The flavors would have been amazing if I had used the dough and made a crepe!  YUM!  I think I will try that next time!


If you need help making the perfect pastries, check out this e-book!  The process to make the croissant dough looks pretty long and takes dedication, but the end result looks AMAZING.  I can’t wait to attempt them next!

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Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from GF Mom Certified, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our website.

Photo Credit: Tiffany Hinton (book cover)

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  1. I actually love croissants. I don’t eat them often because of the fat content-!but it would be fun to try making.

  2. Thank you Charlise! I love the idea of pineapple upside down cakes and actually of the Eclairs baked then sliced and filled with pineapple, cherries and french cream. You have given me a new idea. So glad you had fun!

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