10 Easy Ways to REALLY Make Money from Home

Ruby Dress

I often have people ask me how I make money from home.  Honestly, it’s not just ONE thing.  I have been a stay at home mom for years for the simple fact that child care is EXPENSIVE!!  When you have more than one child who needs child care, you need a fairly high paying job for leaving the home for work to be financially “worth it”.  

I started off with what I studied in college.  I have a degree in Fashion Design and I love to sew, so I made things.  When I decided that I was two darn scatterbrained to make multiples of any ONE thing, I decided to change it up, taking on custom sewing jobs.  I have an ad on craigslist where I offer my sewing skills and I get a lot of business from that.  Sometimes ever more work that I can handle, so I will pass it on to a friend if I need to do so.  This is what makes me the majority of my income.

I’m also really into going to thrift stores so I look for things I can resell to make a decent profit.  There’s actually a thrift store right by my house that I have actually scored from goodies from, but can you guess from where?  Their dumpster!!  That’s right!  Often, thrift stores will get SO much merchandise that they just THROW STUFF AWAY.  Perfectly good stuff into the trash…  When I see things that I know are worth money, I pick them up.  Worst case scenario, I can give them away on Freecycle if they don’t sell. 

Another thing I do on the side is make and sell lactation cookies and cookie dough.  This started from me making some for myself when I needed to increase my own milk supply.  I shared some with friends who encouraged me to sell them.  It’s a very small supplemental income, but it’s SOMETHING!

Here is a list of great ideas for making money at home…

  • Make stuff!  Find your craft or hobby of choice and market yourself on Facebook or Instagram!
  • Find stuff!  Look for treasures in thrift stores, in dumpsters (be careful and try to get permission if you can before diving!) or on curbs!  Resell on eBay, Craigslist or on your local Facebook swap pages.
  • Get in the kitchen!  Make cookies, cakes, pies, freezer meals or whatever someone else DOESN’T want to or have time to create in their own kitchen.
  • Start a blog!  There are so many ways to create a blog and make money from it!
  • Give your opinion!  Check around for local market research groups.  These places do taste tests, product trials and hold other studies to get your opinion for PAY!!
  • Take surveys!  One year, I used Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards that helped me pay for almost all of my kids’ Christmas gifts!
  • Watch kids!  Open up your own in-home daycare!  Check with your state’s requirements to see how to get certified.
  • Give lessons!  Whether you do sewing lessons, after school tutoring or swimming lessons, someone is bound to want to learn!
  • Sell stuff!  There are so many companies you could work with that are a great way to help you make money AND earn free/cheap products that you love!  I personally am a rep for both Young Living and Melaleuca.  These companies carry products that I love and I enjoy being able to get them at a discount!
  • Grow stuff!  If you have the room, plant a garden!  Grow whatever edibles you can and sell them to friends, family and neighbors.  If you have chickens, sell the eggs!