Review: “The 12 Cats of Christmas” by Perry Kirkpatrick 🐱

In The 12 Cats of Christmas by Perry Kirkpatrick, Gloria’s best friend tells her she needs a cat after her beloved dog dies. She’s not sure, but then cats start showing up on her doorstep everyday. It’s a short story of 35 pages, published the 14th of December—and if you’re like me and prefer to read books before you read their reviews, you can download it from the Amazon Kindle store for free. I’m not sure how long this offer will last!

What drew my interest to The 12 Cats of Christmas is the cover. I’m totally biased when it comes to book covers, which I attribute to the disappointment I often feel after reading the books! Attractive book covers don’t always mean great books. 🤦‍♀️

I also have a thing for $0.00 Kindle books on Amazon and take advantage when something of interest is such…even though I’m bad at reading e-books since my only e-reader exists in the form of the Amazon Kindle desktop application, and I much prefer the old-fashioned paperback book approach.

(There’s just something about physically turning the pages, okay—and also, digital books lack that delicious new book smell. Books smell nice—all booky and whatnot.)

…I do not like the 1-Click thing Amazon has, however—has anyone ever accidentally bought stuff?? I went on a free-Kindle-books spree, and I didn’t realize

  1. the 1-Click button = auto purchase, nor
  2. my running into 99-cent books

SO THAT WAS FUN. Lots of stress, yada-yada—anyways.

The 12 Cats of Christmas

OBVIOUSLY CATS ARE GONNA CAT. They all have personalities of their own—I mean, obviously they’re not dogs.

It’s a short story, so I can’t talk too much about it without risking giving the whole thing of it away. It’s a comical Christmas story about cats. It’s not categorized as a children’s novel, which I was half-expecting, considering the cover, but I like that—I like the lighthearted stories for adults like this. It could’ve totally been a book geared towards kids, but it’s something we can all enjoy!

I enjoyed laughing about the different things cats do and remembered my own. He passed away last year (RIP), but here is Todd:

Todd sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets. We complained at first, and then it was no big deal—we stopped having water bug issues thanks to him chillaxing up there!

Aaand I have experience with owning many cats. I can’t currently find a photo of those many cats—it was a rescue mission in which I crawled beneath a trailer home between cold/hot weather and rain, from one end to the front of the house, with a flashlight and pocket knife (to cut through tarp). It smelled like pee, and spider webs got all up in my mouth and my hair, but anyways. I had a personal connection to those cats. We had been through things together, and not just in the form of how much they scratched me up.~ Here are two of them:

Black Manx cats Lucy and Ranger lying and sleeping on a bed. Lucy is the one looking at the camera. Ranger and I shared a special bond. 💖

I enjoyed The 12 Cats of Christmas. I rated it a 4/5 stars on Goodreads, which also contains a more technical review if that’s your thang.~

I recommend it if you love cats! If you do buy it during its promotion, please consider leaving an Amazon review! Authors run these promotions in hopes of attracting readers who will then review their books, and reviews really help. :) (This also goes with books you buy regardless of promotions—reviews help, and so does word-of-mouth!)

Also! If you read it, let me know what you think in the comments! :D

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