Decrapify Your Life – 40 Bags in 40 Days

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Spring is just around the corner which means it is the obligatory cleaning time.  I just heard about the 40 Bags in 40 Days project and I am going to give it a try.  The program dates coincide with Lent, so it is the perfect time to get in the swing of giving up stuff.  I’m really good at starting to clean an area, getting sidetracked and having 100 unfinished jobs.  I bet you do that, too?  The point of 40 Bags in 40 Days is not really to get rid of 40 bags of crap, but to focus on one small area per day over the 40 days.  

You don’t have to rid your house of 40 industrial size garbage bags full, or even 40 bags at all.  You can use any size bag, box or bin.  You may get rid of less than 40 bags or you may get rid of more than 40 bags.  Do what works for you.

How do I know what to get rid of?  This is a question I often ask myself because it can get overwhelming to purge.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself that can help you decide what to toss…

  1. Do I have more than one of these?  If yes, toss!
  2. Have I used this recently?  If no, toss!
  3. Can something else be used it this thing’s place?  If yes, toss!
  4. Would I notice if a burglar came in and stole this from me?  If no, toss and invest in a home security system!

What do I do with all of the crap?  There are TONS of places where you can get rid of crap.  If the stuff is nice, new or like new, have a yard sale!  You can also donate it to a local thrift store (they will benefit more than Goodwill, trust me!), a women’s shelter or a friend in need.  You could list it on craigslist or freecycle if you want to get it picked up super quick!  The important part is to get rid of all that crap quickly.  The longer it hangs out at your house, the more likely it is to end up back in a pile of…  CRAP.

I have too much crap.  Where do I start?  Ann Marie at White House Black Shutters has an awesome list of areas in your home that likely need decrapifying.  You can use her list to pick your 40 areas or create your own.  Try to avoid doing several places in one day or you might get tired of doing this project before you’ve completed it!  


What are YOU getting rid of?  I bet you’re wondering if I will really do this, right?  Well, of course I am!!  I have more crap that I know what to do with, but since I am currently living with my mom, Charan, I am going to bring my mom in on this challenge with me.  Here is the list of the 40 places we will be decrapifying…

  1. Charlise’s purse/diaper bag
  2. Sewing Dresser Drawers
  3. Sewing Table
  4. Pantry
  5. Sippy Cup Cabinet
  6. Living room side table
  7. DVDs
  8. Bradyn’s dresser
  9. Remy’s dresser
  10. Phoenix’s dresser
  11. Chevy’s dresser
  12. Charlie’s dresser
  13. Refrigerator
  14. Freezer
  15. Charan’s Bathroom Under Cabinet
  16. Charan’s Bathroom Drawers
  17. Charan’s side of the bed
  18. Charan’s Closet Floors
  19. Charan’s Closet Racks
  20. Charan’s Dresser
  21. Charan’s Bar
  22. Charan’s Side Table
  23. Charan – Bed Side Table
  24. Charan – Hubby’s Bed Side Tables
  25. Charan – Behind the bar
  26. Charlise – Mom’s car
  27. Charlise – Kitchen Counters
  28. Charlise – Medicine Cabinet
  29. Charan – Over the commode cabinet
  30. Laundry Cabinet
  31. Linen Closet
  32. Coat Closet
  33. Garage
  34. Garage
  35. Garage
  36. Office
  37. Office
  38. Office
  39. Junk Drawer
  40. Toy Bins

I will be starting this project March 2nd since I will be at the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest at the end of this month.  I plan to post a photo each day of the crap that is cleared out.  If you’d like to participate with us, come follow me on Instagram and use #decrapify when you share all of the joyous crap that is leaving your life!!  

Let us know if you plan to join in on the decrapifying fun!!

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