Did I fuck up my kids? Probably.

But they’re still alive, and none are in jail. That’s what I call a win.

Parenting is messy, gritty, real. So is life.

Sure, I own parenting books on how not to fuck up my kid, but who’s to say these people didn’t just get lucky? That they’re not just a load of BS, assuming all these things that may or may not lead to a less fucked up kid?

Or what if we’re all just a little fucked up in the first place?

Don’t give your kids sugar. It leads to obesity and cavities.

Don’t force your kids to try new foods. Let them explore on their own.

Ask your kids what they want to eat for dinner when you make your dinner menu — don’t just assume they’ll eat what you make.

Did I fuck up my kids? Maybe a little. But hey — at least they’re alright.

Crunchy Family is real.

I do what’s best for my family. You do what’s best for yours. I’m here to educate the ignorant-by-choice with hopes they’ll drop the BS and strive to be better humans lest I lose all faith in humanity.

If you’re looking for a blogger with carefully curated Insta feed and Pinteresting photos, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I have eight kids. You think I have time for that? It doesn’t feel relatable to my reality, to make everything look like it’s fresh from a magazine. It’s just not me.

You think I do this shit alone?!

Charlise Lee


Baby on woman's back in carrier, facing world

Charlise is a mother of eight kids, of which she parents seven. Surromama to one. By day, she’s a seamstress with a laundry service, and professional organizer. No man tells her what to do, ever. Recently, she surrounded herself with plants and feels energized and motivated to declutter her life. Charlise’s first surrogacy story was featured on Peekaboo Northwest Arkansas Family Magazine.

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Jane E. Darling

Creative Director

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Jane began as the techie behind the blog and more recently became the Creative Director, deciding the direction of the brand with input from Charlise. A Hufflepuff, she is loyal, just and dedicated. Her patience ends at incessant annoyance. To Charlise’s dismay, she loves Taylor Swift. Jane E. runs personal/nicheless blog Janepedia. She’s been featured on Hey Georgie and OneZero.

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