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Welcome to Crunchy Family! We’re Charlise Lee and Jane Lawson—cousins. Together, we use our unique strengths to bring basic and advanced crunchy (natural/green living) information on a variety of topics. Our community is built up of moms, dads, young adults—people, no matter their level of crunchiness.

We also share with you great products for your whole family, as well as events and locations that are family-friendly and/or provide art and culture experiences. In this age of technology, our families don’t spend enough time together anymore either in or outside of the home. Let’s change that and put down those electronics! Not all of our sponsored reviews will be “crunchy”, but we agree that if they get you more involved with your family or children, they are worth mentioning!

Nothing is censored — unless it’s disrespectful — and we encourage debate with love and passion. Crunchy Family is, simply, based on crunchy love.

To get involved, you may connect with us on Facebook, comment our posts, or even follow Charlise on Instagram and Twitter.

What is “crunchy”?

Crunchy describes an earth- and family-friendly lifestyle. A crunchy family could use cloth diapers, eat/grow organic foods, recycle and use recycled products, avoid using products that contain harmful, man-made chemicals, and/or use alternative medicines. What makes YOU Crunchy?

Meet the team

Charlise Lee

Picture of Charlise at GFAF Expo in 2014Charlise is a mom of five rambunctious boys, two spoiled girls and also has a surrogirl. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she is a country girl trapped in the life of a city girl. Charlise has lived in the DFW area her entire life. Her husband, Brian is willingly learning all of her crunchy ways. They got married on October 16th, 2016 and had their newest baby girl in April 2017. She has a degree in Fashion Design and loves to sew and craft, and bake lactation cookies for her local crunchies. Charlise has been interested in the crunchy lifestyle since she became pregnant with her oldest son in 2004. Being involved in local events, expos and meetups is so exciting to her! She loves to meet new people, learn about new things and be introduced to new brands that are relevant to the lifestyle. Charlise held a private blog on an online diary website for 10 years and is thrilled to make herself a public blogger, sharing all of the crunchy things she loves with her readers! You can get in touch with her through our contact page.

Liz Lawson (@gotjane)

Liz is a 25-year old with many allergies. Born in Dallas, she has lived in Austin, San Antonio, Forney, Wills Point, Euless, and many more places. She loves cats and scenic photography, and blogs at Janepedia. Liz avoids nuts like the plague, and she’ll never let Charlise live down the fact that she accidentally poisoned Liz with bread made with almond flour. ;)


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