All Natural First Birthday Color Garden Food Color Giveaway

My youngest baby, Charlie, will be turning 1 on Sunday!  I’m planning to have an eco friendly party for him.  I will be creating a reusable fabric banner to use for birthdays to come.  We will be bringing out old (new to him) toys to gift to him and wrapping them in gift bags that have been used many times.  Most importantly, he will have his cake to dive into.  Yes, sugar is horrible.  Take away my crunchy card for the day.  Smash cakes are traditional in our family.  Babies hardly consume any of it, but BOY is it fun to smear everywhere!!  We will have our cake and eat it too.  This year, it’ll be a little different though.

by: Color Garden
by: Color Garden

The other day while shopping at Sprouts, I came across some natural food coloring made by Color Garden.  I’ve never used natural food colors before because I really just don’t use food color that much to begin with.  Birthday cake 5 times a year didn’t seem like it was much to worry about the harmful junk in the regular food coloring.  Not to mention, the stuff is pretty pricey, so it’s never been high on my priority list.

Anyway, back to Sprouts.  I found the Color Garden dyes in the clearance section which made me super excited.  “Clearance” is my favorite “C” word.  I love getting a deal, especially on “crunchy” stuff!  I looked at the box to check out the ingredients.  Things like beet juice, purple carrot juice and turmeric are what create the 4 colors you get in the package.  The box comes with red, yellow, blue and orange which you can mix together to make your other secondary colors.  It also includes a booklet with 10 different frosting recipes!

Each color pouch is designated to be a one time use, so although you will want to just use a little at a time to make it last forever and ever, you need to use it all at once.  There are no preservatives in the dyes, so you don’t want them to spoil!  While I haven’t USED the food coloring yet, I have looked up pictures and the colors look very pretty.  They aren’t extremely bright or vibrant, but are more muted tones.  I think they will work out just perfectly!  

Be on the look out on our Instagram this weekend for pictures of the cake.  I’m also giving away a box of this awesome food coloring to a a lucky reader!  If you’d like to enter to win a package of Color Garden Natural Food Coloring, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules.  Winner will be selected and posted on our Facebook page next Monday, May 19th!


Author: Charlise Lee

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