10 Baby Things You Just DON’T Need

I became a mom on July 30th, 2005.  When my first son, Bradyn, was born, I thought I needed one of EVERYTHING just like all of the popular parenting magazines try to make you believe.  Now that I am a mom of 5, I realized how much money I wasted on things I never needed.  Here’s a list of baby things most crunchy moms don’t REALLY need.

Naked baby with finger brought up to mouth and looking at camera, like "Hm." Baby's totally judging you.

An infant bucket seat

These are really not necessary.  A convertible seat, while it seems huge with a newborn in it, really gives you more bang for your buck.

A crib

All of my kids slept with me.  If you plan to co-sleep, a better option might be a co-sleeper that you can side car against the side of your bed.  Cribs usually just end up being used for storage.  3-in-1 beds are a good option if you don’t plan to co-sleep.

A diaper genie

Seriously, who thought making diaper sausages was a GOOD idea?  Even if you use disposables, just throw those stinky suckers OUTSIDE in the garbage.  You’ll thank me later.  Promise.

Expensive baby clothes

Even if I was rich, I would shop at the thrift store.  You’re gonna change that baby multiple times a day when they pee on their clothes, barf on your shoulder and have poop-splosions in the car seat.  Your baby does not care about labels.

Pee-pee tee pees

Obviously the creator of these never had a baby boy.

A matching swing, exersaucer, jumper, activity mat, and walker

I know there are times when you need to sit the baby down, so pick one.  Just one.  You don’t want your house to look like a daycare.

A changing table

Just change that baby wherever he poops.

Baby bath tubs (especially the ones with the little sprayer)

What is this, a mini spa??  It has to be a holiday for me to get a ten minute bubble bath in peace.  Wash that baby in the kitchen sink!  Your back will thank you.

Nursing Covers

Chances are, your baby will hate anything over their head and face while they are trying to eat.  YOU try it.  Can you blame them?  You have the RIGHT to feed your little one.  Don’t be ashamed or afraid!  Know the LAW!


These things are so bulky and such a pain to lug around.  If you get a good baby carrier, you’ll pay around the same and you’ll use it WAY more often.  Here’s a bit of information about some popular soft-structured carriers.  My favorite is the Boba 3G.  I have one for the car and one for the house so I am never without one.

What are the baby items you wish you hadn’t bought?

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