Black Friday Alternatives/Small Business Saturday

Standing in a CROWD of people at WalMart for HOURS to get Christmas presents for a steal.  Waiting outside in the cold in a quarter mile long line to get into Target to get super cheap winter hats and mittens for your kids.  I have done BOTH of these things.  For them, I am not proud, but I needed the deal.  Or so I thought.  This year, I will be doing things a little differently.  This year, I will not be doing my Black Friday shopping on Black Friday OR Black Thursday (which it has sadly trickled down to).  This year, I will be spending these times with my family.  

There are SO many people that are forced to work on this holiday or risk losing their job.  And why?  All so these big businesses can make some money.  If we all stand together and start shopping differently, maybe these businesses will act differently, respecting their employees.  

Here are a few suggestions of things you can do INSTEAD of shopping this Thanksgiving and Black Friday…

  • Make Mini Turkey Pies!!!  
  • Go on the hunt for the perfect holiday tree and start decorating.
  • Start working on handmade holiday gifts.
  • Create an advent calendar.
  • Bake goodies.  Cakes, cookies, and tarts, OH MY!
  • Get DRUNK!  I’m kidding.  Or am I?  
  • Do crafts with your kids.  Make handmade ornaments, paper chains or pluck the feathers off those hand turkeys.
  • Go somewhere beautiful, like your local arboretum or a lovely park, and take family pictures.  

If you REALLY need to get some shopping done this week(end) or you’ll never do it, consider shopping on Small Business Saturday.  MANY small businesses are offering discounts and other promotions on this day.  If you’d rather wait until after the holiday weekend and do all of your shopping online, you can also take advantage of all of the deals going on during Cyber Monday.

Whatever you do, try to avoid the stores on Thursday and Friday out of respect for those who are forced to work these days.  You are lucky enough to be able to have the time to spend with your family so enjoy it and do something productive (unless you’re getting drunk)!!  


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Spend the holidays with your family and support Small Business Saturday by shopping your local non-chain stores!!! Remember, you can support Small Business Saturday by making purchases from consultants you know–Thirty One, Younique, Scentsy, Pampered Chef to name a few!!! I’ve included both my links for my Thirty One & Younique businesses!! Shop from the comfort of your own home! Avoid the stress of traffic, crowds, and rude people! Support small businesses of all kinds!!
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Happy Thanksgiving!!