Brush your teeth with chocolate!

My 2 younger children love chocolate. They don’t get it as often as they’d like but chocolate is one of the few treats I allow more often.

We recently ran out of my usual home made tooth paste (orange flavored!) and even our store bought back up toothpaste. No problem! I pulled out the coconut oil and told them to bush. I got dirty looks and grumbles.

Then I remembered something! Chocolate! They can brush their teeth with chocolate! I know you think I’m nuts about now and are wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

I’m talking about this: “An organic compound, theobromine, found in chocolate is better than fluoride at remineralising and hardening tooth enamel, according to a new study published in Caries Research.”

That’s right! Chocolate or, more specifically, the theobromine in chocolate, helps remineralize teeth! I’m not talking about sugar laden and highly processed milk chocolate. Tasty though it is, it’s not a good idea to rub a candy bar around your teeth and gums and call it a night. No no. I’m talking about chocolate in the raw! Raw cacao.


So how does someone go about brushing their teeth with chocolate?

You need a few important ingredients:

Coconut oil – it is fantastic for it’s texture and more importantly for it’s antibacterial properties.

Raw cacao powder – this is the “chocolate” part of the recipe. Full of theobromine, antioxidants and magnesium, raw cacao, like coconut oil is a “superfood.”

Baking soda or diatomaceous earth – great for scrubbing sticky plaque off your pearly whites.

Stevia or xylitol –  to sweeten things up. This part is really for the kids. Some people are against sweeteners of any kind and that’s ok! Just leave it out. It will be a little salty (if you use baking soda) or just bland but you’ll still get that chocolaty aftertaste.

Grab those things and mix them up until they are paste-like in consistency and store in a resealable container in your fridge. Then brush!

The chocolate may stain over time with lots of use (though I haven’t seen this happen) so I’d advise using a toothpaste without chocolate at least once a day.

I like to have fun with things at our house and making our own toothpaste has been fun and educational for me and the children. Give it a try and tell me what you think!