Calling All Crunchies! Crunchy Mom Group Submissions

Serge Bertasius Photography

Serge Bertasius Photography

I have had quite a few people approach me wondering where they can find local crunchy moms.  Sometimes groups, like one of the ones I am in, are secret, so they are nearly impossible to find.  Other times, they may be called something other than “Crunchy Moms” or “Crunchy Mamas” so you can’t find them that way either.

I would love to have a collection of all crunchy, natural, holistic, attachment parenting, etc groups across the world.  I need YOUR help to compile this list.  If you are a part of such a group on Facebook or elsewhere, I would be thrilled to add you to our list.  This will help like-minded moms find you as we can often feel alone in our hippie ways.  

Please leave a comment below or email me with your group URL and any information that could help a mom access the group.  Some may have rules that need to be agreed upon before joining.  Some need to contact group admin to be accepted.  Please give me all of the information that would be needed so we can help these moms access the support groups they are looking for.  We are also accepting submissions for dad and family groups!  

Groups will be listed by country and states, so make sure you list your location (city, state and/or country) with your submission.  We hope to bring all of the crunchies across the world together!