Write for Crunchy Family

If you love Crunchy Family and what it represents, we invite you to join our contributor family. The position is currently volunteer-based, but paying our writers is definitely something we wish to do in the future.

Fingernails painted red; hands on a black keyboard; various creative-related paraphinalia on a desk with yellow flowers and a coffee cup over them; one says, "Fuck anything that doesn't make you happy."

Our readers love personal posts, so we won’t accept anything from “professional authors who can provide quality content”.

Inquiries emailed to us that flat-out ignore our guidelines will be deleted on the spot, so do read everything.

The basics

  • No stock photography: People know the difference, and they want to see you, our future writer.
  • No link-building. Crunchy Family does not growth-hack.
  • Posts containing affiliate links will not be published.
  • Infographics may accompany the post, but the post should be primarily text-based and contain the same information from the infographic.
  • Content will be published under your name—not your client’s. If you use a pseudonym, that is fine and acceptable.
  • Use the basic formatting provided by the editor. Do not change the color of any of the text.
  • Submissions should be proofread and not verbose.
    • Photos should use pleasant lighting and not contain watermarks/added text. We request photos be at least 1000px in width.
    • DIY/Recipes should explain steps and include images. We use a recipe card, but there should still be a walk-through before it. Please send good quality photos, especially of the food. If it looks like wet cat food, don’t send it.

Each contributor brings something different to the table, but the voice should remain familial/friendly, informative, and like you’re chatting with your best friend. Every contributor should familiarize themselves with the content already published on Crunchy Family if they’re not already a regular reader. Opposing views of previously published posts are also welcome!

We expect all contributors to respond to comments respectfully and in a timely manner. Comments on posts close after 90 days to discourage spam. Regular contributors should receive email notifications when their posts have comments.

Regular contributors will be permitted a 75-word bio and their social media + blog links via their author profile. If you’re having trouble crafting the bio, here’s a Mad Libs-style gizmo for you.

One-off contributors will be permitted the same byline, but only three links.

All bios should be in first-person POV.

Regular contributors gain access to our contributors group on Facebook, wherein we share topics we’d like to see (or have been requested to add) on Crunchy Family.

We do not currently pay our contributors, but we do intend to compensate our regulars when the site is profitable.


We’re a busy team of two. If you do not receive a response within four (4) weeks of your submission, it is safe to assume it has been declined. Do not send submissions that are pending elsewhere; we have neither the time nor the womanpower to keep up with that.

If your post is accepted, it may take a month to format and schedule it; thus, the post may not be published until two (2) months after submission. This process is not as tedious for regular contributors.


Send an email to submit@crunchyfamily.com with your name, your post idea summarized in 250 words max, why you think the post is right for Crunchy Family, and 1-3 links to where you’ve been published previously. Make the subject your proposed headline, though nothing flashy or click-baity.