I’ve Been Converted to Cloth, Basically


For those of you who don’t know, Charlise is my cousin. We’re a lot alike, but saying that doesn’t mean we lack any differences. Through helping her with Crunchy Family — finding an awesome designer on par with my website standards, formatting entries for SEO and better navigation, among other things — I’ve somehow been converted.

I have always considered myself a “green girl”, taking into consideration unused and yet-still-plugged-in electronics (which I unplug to the point that it annoys other people), recycling whatever can be recycled, picking up trash and throwing it away…

Unbeknownst to me, I was being a bit of a hypocrite.

Before they caused me trouble, I used tampons. After the ovarian cyst that sent me to the ER and caused me to miss my last final for my first-ever college semester, I couldn’t use tampons anymore because after that, they hurt like hell. Thus, I felt disposable pads were my only option. I didn’t know they sit in landfills for hundreds of years or that they contain harmful chemicals.

A post on the Crunchy Family Facebook page led me to searching for what “cloth pads” were that people were talking about. I came across websites that sold them, I read stories on why they’re better, and I considered those options.

The cloth shops were a bit expensive, however, so in them I did not invest, but I plan to in the future.

Somehow, I came across YouTuber Bree — who started her own company, Precious Stars, before she was even eighteen — and I found myself intrigued by the videos, watching them for several hours and days.

Charlise introduced me to Softcup, which reminds me of tampons, but it’s more flexible and comfortable to wear — I don’t feel it, and I’m not paranoid about leaking out due to some stupid string. Tampons are also sort of a one-time try thing only; you can retry with Softcup, but tampons can’t be retried. It’s a bit of a waste, really.

Perhaps I’ll go into more detail on why I now think RUMPs are better later — that’s a new term for me! “RUMP” stands for “ReUsable Menstrual Product”.

Until then, if you’ve not considered it before, I encourage you to consider it now. If it’s about the sanitation of RUMPs, I guarantee they’re not nearly as unsanitary as your disposable products.

Do any of you use RUMPs? What made you switch?

If not, have you ever considered switching? What’s stopping you?

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