How to create a pet-friendly garden

A black dog and a yellow dog looking at a gate; faces are not visible

Regardless of whether your pet spends more time indoors or outdoors, they will still need adequate physical activity during the day. If you’re blessed with garden space, you can effectively create a beautiful natural refuge for both you and your pet. However, in order to create a lovely garden area your pet can use for playing and running around just as much as you can use it for relaxing, you need to consider several different aspects. Apart from beautiful landscaping, your garden also has to be safe for your pet.

Organize the space

Pets need to have enough room to run around freely. Therefore, it would be best to remove any potentially dangerous obstacles in the garden. It wouldn’t be safe to leave your pet on their own when they can find places to crawl under or catch their fur on wires and other structures in the yard. Since pets need all the freedom that they can get, try to go with clean and spacious garden design.

However, don’t forget to secure the area with a proper fence. Use materials that wouldn’t hurt your pet in any way. The fence height as well as the size of the possible gaps in the fence should depend on the pets’ height and ability to jump or squeeze through the gaps.

Pick your garden plants carefully

Featuring flowers in a wooden bucket

If you want to design a pet-friendly garden, it’s very important to keep all toxic products such as plant fertilizers and gas tanks safely put away. You don’t want to create any opportunity for your pet to snoop around these dangerous chemicals.

However, there’s another, less obvious reason for concern: some plants that are completely safe for humans and look beautiful in any garden can actually be toxic to pets. If they happen to eat them, pets can suffer from stomach problems and even some more serious issues. Therefore, make sure to check the list of toxic plants for pets so you can spice up the look of your garden with some safe, yet equally beautiful, flowers and shrubs.

Keep your garden mess-free

You never know what can attract the pet’s attention. Therefore, it would be best to keep your garden free from mess and clutter to avoid any potential risks. Taking care of your garden on a regular basis is essential if you want to have a nice and safe place for your pet and your own enjoyment.

Since a well-kept garden can boost one’s home value, gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies for homeowners. This is especially evident from the variety of available gardening tools in Sydney stores, where you can get whatever you need for some DIY gardening. Still, precisely because of this trend, you have to make sure all your tools, just like toxic products, are safely stored away. You may not be aware of this, but even gardening gloves can be a potential health hazard for a pet.

Provide an effective shelter

A dog in a doghouse

As you design your garden to suit your pet, don’t forget to include a proper shelter from the elements. This is especially important for pets who are generally not allowed inside the house. You can build a unique pet house or buy a new one. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s spacious enough for your pet. It’s essential pets have their own corner in the garden so they can get the necessary rest as well as a shelter from hot and/or cold weather.

Even if you think you’ve done a great job creating a pet-friendly garden, don’t leave your pet to their own devices immediately. Pay attention to what they do and how they behave initially so you can tend to any unforeseen situations or adjust your garden design to their particular needs even more.

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