Crunchies Around the World

Greetings! Charlise and I are introducing to our readers here at Crunchy Family a new column entitled “Crunchies Around the World”. This column will feature fellow crunchies, uh, around the world. 😅 We’ll have a set list of questions, but answers will vary based on where from the featured guest is.

Who Crunchies Around the World is for

Anyone! It might be difficult to do specific cities and towns, but there’s such a wide variety of eco-friendliness that we’ll consider it if varies enough. For this reason, we probably won’t do US states—the level of crunchiness varies so much from Dallas to Austin, for example.

We’d really like people from different countries, too, though, because we’re US-based and seldom hear about green living outside the US.

What Crunchies Around the World entails

The posts would go like this:

  • Introduction to post and snippet about column
  • Image of you (or where you live; can send multiple photos)
  • Your answers to our questions
  • Where to connect with you (if desired)

When Crunchies Around the World will be posted

We’re going to aim for quarterly, and then fill up accordingly (monthly, biweekly, weekly).

How to participate in Crunchies Around the World

Questions will range from serious to fun. Some questions will be about potential hardships and adversity faced in your area regarding the crunchy lifestyle, while we’ll also give you the opportunity to share with us and our Crunchy Family your favorite products and resources. Other questions will be about your crunchy lifestyle.

There are no wrong answers, but we understand if you feel too uncomfortable to answer them. For the sake of aesthetics, we do request your photo(s) be at least 1000px and use natural lighting, if possible. We’d love a photo of you to use, but if you cannot send one for privacy purposes, we understand and can make do with a photo of your area/home (inside)/refrigerator/etc.

If you’re up for partaking, please email me at, subject “Crunchies Around the World”. Don’t send any photos yet, please!