Crunchy Family: Call for blog posts

Got ideas? Hit us up!

Heya! We’re looking to bring Crunchy Family back to life, but also in a way that is more about our readers—we want to hear from you!

While we have freestyle guest posting abilities detailed on our official submission page, we’re bringing series-based opportunities to the table, too.

To submit posts for any of the calls listed below, please visit our official submission page.

A Day in the Life of ____

Whether you’re a mom or a dad or a daughter or a brother or a cousin or an aunt or whatever, we want to know what a day in your life is like! We’re looking for a variety of peoples’ days, so the more diverse, the better.

Submission requirements

  • At least one photo of yourself, or from your day
  • Only one post for this series will be posted a month, unless we are bombarded with mega-diverse day-in-the-life peeks
  • If you opt not to do a timelime-esque post by the hour, browse through the official linkup archives for inspiration and suggestions (there are prompts!).

My Pregnancy/Surrogacy Journey

Charlise’s surrogacy journey gained quick popularity, and her story was picked up by a magazine. If you’ve your own blog, we encourage you to post your story there, but for added exposure, we invite you with open arms to share your story with us and our readers!

Submission requirements

  • We understand the need for privacy, but we do request at least three photos (per post, if you’re doing more than one post). If you’re uncomfortable with this, then this topic is probably not for you.

Home Tour

Give us a tour of your place! You can show us around your whole home or just a bedroom.

Submission requirements

  • Photos! We will not accept photos containing the front of your home, especially nothing containing a house number. This is for your safety (we don’t want to be held liable for posting personally identifying information of yours to the public).

Other opportunities

Other types of posts we’d love to have are DIY and travel posts. We’d love to get an official DIY Tuesday series going, as well as begin preparing for summer.

Speaking of summer, ANYTHING SUMMER you can think to write, feel free to send it our way.

We will also accept the occasional review post about anything and everything crunchy/mommy/parenting.

Please don’t let “crunchy” intimidate you! You can be crunchy AF or not at all. If you tried the crunchy/organic lifestyle and it didn’t work, don’t hesitate to submit a post about that—we know it’s not for everyone! We know it’s hard sometimes (or always, or whenever). We’re not opposed to publishing controversial pieces.

Crunchy Family is a safe place. You won’t be discriminated here, and if you are or ever feel like it, let us know.