A Crunchy Halloween

Let’s face it… Halloween costumes are not cheap. For the price, you don’t get quality, either. Since I have 5 boys, I can’t afford to spend $30-50 on a costume that they will likely only ever wear once and only for a couple of hours.

Crunchy costume ideas

  • Buy second hand: Thrift stores, garage sales, consignment sales, and Facebook b/s/t groups are a great place to buy a gently-used costume at a fraction of the cost.
  • Hold a swap: Get together with your mom group, and have everyone with kids in a certain age group bring old costumes to trade either permanently or just to borrow.
  • Hand-me-downs: Accept hand-me-downs from friends and family members with kids older than yours. I also pass down costumes from my older boys to the younger ones.
  • DIY: Make your own. If your child is old enough, let them help! A little creativity can go a long way!

Crunchy trick-or-treat alternatives

My kids always end up with a bucket full of candy, which I usually end up eating. I love when they get non-candy treats and so do they!

Here are some ideas that won’t cut the teeth of your neighborhood’s children, but make sure you check for allergies first!

  • clementines (easy for kids to peel)
  • pre-packaged bags of pistachios (my kids love these!)
  • braided or beaded bracelets (have older kids make them)
  • honey sticks
  • quarters
  • cheap flashlight (with batteries)

While I’m not completely opposed to handing out toothbrushes, Halloween is about fun, not dental hygiene. You can have fun without giving away cavity-inducing junk!

Photo by Tirza Van

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