Crunchy 101: What is a crunchy mom?

Shallow focus on blonde-haired woman in white long-sleeved shirt carrying a baby on her back while walking on a path along a forest

There are many names for a “crunchy” mom. Likewise, crunchy moms come in all varieties. Here at Crunchy Family, we accept and welcome crunchy moms of all levels.

Crunchy moms are also called a variety of things, including a naturally-minded, granola, green and hippie.

So, what makes a crunchy mom?

The traits of a crunchy mom include:

  • Consciousness: environmentally, socially, and health-wise
  • Recognition of different approaches; not locked on one approach for every problem and every situation; every child and family is different
  • Combines conventional knowledge and research to make the best decisions for family

From our readers

Because we’re all in this together, here’s what our readers have to say:

A naturally-minded mom is a mom who is willing to go against the grain and do what is best for her child and her family. She willingly does her own research for pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding and baby wearing, and vaccines and solid foods. Because of her research and dedication to give her child the absolute best of everything, a naturally minded mom may have a natural birth, practice extended breast feeding, baby wearing, and baby led weaning and introduce solids at a later age. A naturally minded mom will do her own extensive research regarding vaccines and decide which ones, if any, her child will receive. Naturally minded moms understand that attachment parenting and co-sleeping are beneficial for both the baby and the parents and that allowing their child to cry it out may do more harm than good. These moms have a strength all their own as they often have to pick their battles with friends and family over these issues and many more. These moms support all moms, even if their opinions differ. They believe in encouraging EVERY mom and they understand that each mom has different needs and beliefs. Best of all, they love to share all they have learned with everyone they meet!

Personally, being a naturally minded mom is about embracing the health and well-being of my family from a natural perspective. Every day we learn something new. It may change the way we parent as naturally minded moms. As many have said before, if we know better, we do better. We have the right, the privilege, and the duty to change our minds based on what we learn and to choose what is best for our family.

~ Jess King

Let us know how YOU define crunchy moms (or dads, etc.) in the comments below!