Crunchy sex and how it’s better!

After you have a baby, sometimes the last thing you are thinking of is that three-lettered word…  SEX!  When you’re ready for it, though, crunchy sex can be awesome!  Let’s talk about all of the new and different things you will run into as a crunchy parent when you are jumping back into bed.


Your boobs have changed.  They might be bigger and more sensitive to touch.  They might also be prone to leaking during sex because of the flowing hormones.  Don’t let this freak out you or your partner.  It’s totally normal and nothing to worry about!  Your partner might even enjoy it!  Don’t be afraid to embrace the new functions of your body.


You may find it difficult to get busy if you have a tiny sleeping person in your bed or in the same room.  Nothing kills the mood like a baby cry, so don’t rock the boat (or bed).  Be spontaneous and try the couch, or the bathroom, or even the kitchen table!  Get frisky wherever the mood strikes!  It’s a great way to bring the spontaneity back!  

Sex doesn’t have to happen only at night as well.  Take advantage of those little baby naps during the day and sneak away to another room!  

Birth Control

If you are exclusively breastfeeding, you have some natural birth control built right in called lactational amenorrhea.  According to KellyMom, exclusive breastfeeding is up to 99.5% effective in preventing pregnancy if your baby is under 6 months old, feeding on-demand and have not gotten your cycle back yet. 

Not only is breastfeeding excellent for keeping you from getting pregnant, it keeps your pesky period away while it works!  This is extra awesome if you have heavy, painful periods that can put a damper on living your best life.  The length of time your period stays away will vary from person to person, but I have had mine stay gone for up to fifteen months.  It’s pretty glorious!  Not to mention all of the health benefits you are giving to your baby!


You know, all of those sexcessories.  There are a lot of fun things to add to your collection.  If you’re looking to add a little slip to your slide, there are organic lubes, or if you don’t have a nut allergy, you can try coconut oil!  I love coconut oil because it doesn’t leave me feeling sticky.  Do you need some condoms for extra protection against creating more spawn?  There are options for vegan, fair trade and ethical condoms!  If you need a toy that is eco-friendly, go for something that has a rechargeable battery or even one made of glass or another recyclable material!  Another crunchy item that you may use during sex, that is not actually FOR sex is a menstrual disc.  These little buggers are similar to menstrual cups, but are more shallow and don’t have a pointy “handle” so you can get frisky during any time of the month!


Whether you are a first time parent or on kid number eight, sex life after a pregnancy can often be a scary thought!  Don’t be afraid to talk about your fears with your partner and ease into things!  Do you have any favorite “crunchy” intimate products?