Dallas Gluten and Allergen Free Expo – Day 1

Where have WE been this weekend?  Let me give you a little sneak peek!  Liz and I have been at the most awesome Gluten Free and Allergen Free event EVER.  Don’t worry!  It’s not too late for you to check out all of the great vendors at the Expo.  You can still purchase tickets and attend the expo tomorrow!  We were SO excited to be chosen as official bloggers for the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Dallas!  We started off the morning bright and early.  Ok, it was early for US!  I picked up Liz at about 8:40 a.m. and we were on our way.

Once we got to Dallas Market Hall for the Expo, we totally got lost and had to walk all the way around the building.  So those of you going tomorrow for the first time, park over on the side where you can see Holiday Inn.  TRUST ME.  Brrrrrrr.  



When we got inside, we got our spiffy little “press” stickers and stopped by the Enjoy Life photo booth.  Don’t we look awesome posing with our #eatfreely signs??  You can see Charlie’s little head poking up behind me.  He was a good little assistant, testing out goodies with us.



After our photo shoot, we went to the BEER.  Yes folks.  Beer before noon at the GFAF Expo today.  Not a bad way to start a day if you ask me.  I think I enjoyed it even more since I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage in FOREVER.  We got to meet some of the other bloggers which was totally awesome!!  I blinked in the picture.  Don’t laugh!  We tasted samples from Omission, New Planet, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.



There were SO many vendors to stop at, yummy things to sample and awesome new people to meet.  Pretty much EVERY vendor had a sample or MULTIPLE samples of their delicious goods.  Liz and I went crazy over these Tropico’s by Freedom Foods.  There wasn’t a single thing that I sampled that I didn’t like or LOVE.  I was surprised at the amazing flavor of all of these foods that are gluten or allergen free.  I expected things to be flavorless or taste like cardboard.  I was definitely wrong!  If you need to eat a special diet, you don’t have to lose out on great taste.



I recently discovered that I am lactose intolerant.  This gave me a major case of the sad faces because I really love lactose and all of the things in which it lives.  I was so stoked to try this Lactose Free cream cheese from Green Valley Organics.  It was really tasty and a great alternative to the junk that currently makes me ill.  I love when the alternatives actually taste like the originals!



We got an awesome Send Me Gluten Free* box in our official blogger gift bags!  Look at how much stuff comes in these boxes!  It was FULL of goodies.  Keep an eye out for a review AND giveaway of one of these awesome boxes coming soon.



 If you’re still wondering if it’s worth the cost to go to the expo, look at all of these amazing goodies!  Just a handful of them will equal the cost of your ticket and we came home with three bags full of goodies and coupons today.  And we didn’t even get a chance to visit every vendor!!  Don’t think about it; just come to the expo tomorrow!!  You won’t regret it!  Come find us if you’re there.  We’d love to meet any of our awesome readers.  Keep an eye out for Part 2 of our Gluten and Allergen Free Expo experience as well as mini reviews of EVERY vendor we visited!  We’ll share our favorites too, which is no easy feat!  Everything was SO yummy!

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