Dallas Gluten and Allergen Free Expo – Day 2

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Day two of the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo was JUST as amazing as day one!!  I started off my day wearing my totally rad Omission Beer shirt.  We slept in a little since we were up SO late blogging and instagramming about the day and didn’t get to the Expo until about 11:00 am on Sunday.



 Liz and I stopped by the Enjoy Life photo booth again to get some more pictures!  We had a little too much fun here!  I should have stood sideways so you could see Charlie!  He was on my back and quite tired at this point.  It was almost nap time! 



 We started out hitting up some of the vendors that we didn’t get photos of on Day One.  One of our favorites is SOYJOY!  I told the awesome rep how big of a fan my seven year old is of their bars and she gave me a SOYJOY apron to give him.  All of the vendors were SO sweet!



 We learned about how Kroger has an amazing section of gluten free products in their stores.  These Paqui Tortilla Chips are SO good but SO spicy!!  We had some yummy pizza from Russo’s as well!



Now we have reviewed GoPicnic before, so you know I am already a HUGE fan!  Well we met one of the super awesome brand reps and we are doing ANOTHER review of these awesome breakfast / lunch / snack kits!  Keep an eye out for that!



Did you know that “quinoa” is pronounced “keen-wah”?  It was the longest time before I knew how to say it.  I Heart Keenwah snacks make it easy for you to remember!  They are also super yummy!



 Don’t worry!  This nice guy from Market Street was not yelling at anyone!  In fact, I think he was directing someone to MORE samples!  Did you know that this awesome store has a CRAZY amount of gluten-free foods?  No?  Well, you should really check it out!  



We also met with reps from NutraSumma which is an amazing company that creates gluten-free nutritional supplements.  You will be seeing a full review and giveaway of these products on the blog here very soon!



I was so excited to see one of my favorite stores, Sprouts, at the Expo.  I asked almost EVERY vendor if they sold their products at Sprouts.  It’s my favorite health food store!  



Another one of our favorite vendors of the Expo was Enjoy Life!  They had a ton of yummy stuff from Sunbutter bars to Plentils chips!  They also have the YUMMIEST chocolate bars of which Liz and I were lucky enough to snag one!



These four products are AMAZING.  Our bag of Milton’s chips is gone.  These GinnyBakes vegan cookies taste like salted caramel!  Don’t you want a bite of that Smart Flour pizza?  Yes, this was our second trip to all four of these vendors!



At the end of Day Two, we decided to watch a cooking show featuring Royal Prestige cookware.  Look how amazing that food processor works!  



After the show ended, we headed home to go through all of our goodies.  We had another three full bags of wonderful information and samples.  Don’t forget about that sweet SOYJOY lady who made my seven year old’s dad with the apron!  Thank you for coming to Dallas, Gluten & Allergen Free Expo!  We can’t wait to see you again next year!  If you attended the GFAFExpo this year, please share any pictures you took on our Facebook page!  

Since I got SO many amazing goodies, I want to give away a big box of samples from the Expo!  If you’d like to enter to win this goodie box, follow the steps on the widget below!  View our complete giveaway rules.  Winner will be selected and posted on our Facebook page next Monday, November 24th!



COMING UP NEXT: Mini Reviews (two-part series) of all of the vendors from the GFAFExpo!!  

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For those of you wanting to go or thinking you want to partake in all the fall, request for the GFAF Expo to come to your city (US)!

I’ll be posting soon to share with everyone some of the nut-free options. :)

I have not heard of these products.But I would love to try new things.

[…] My seven year old son is the biggest SOYJOY fan in our house.  I love the bars are packed full of flavors that my kids love.  They tell me how much the banana bar tastes just like banana bread.  My personal favorite is the dark chocolate cherry.  There will be some samples in our giveaway of the GFAF Expo goodie box which you can find if you go to our post of day two of the Expo! […]

I have heard of and tried SOYJOY, Go Picnic and Simple Mills. Some of the other brands I have heard of or have seen in stores but have not tried them yet.

I have heard of Enjoy Life brand. I have purchased it twice.

We are going to a gluten-free event today, but it is a three-hour (only) show, and won’t be anything like yours. It is rather hard, and quite expensive, to be gluten-free in Canada. Even though many products are available, even the local stuff costs an arm and part of a leg.

A lot of allergen-friendly things in Texas are expensive, too. I’ve noticed it’s easier to sign up for their newsletters and whatnot, because the brands have really good seasonal coupons I can take advantage of.

Have you ever looked through Amazon for the brands, or tried to find things in bulk? They’re [usually] much cheaper that way. :)

I Heard of all of them, but unfortunately they don’t sell them where I live :(

I’ve heard of ‘Enjoy Life’ out of the ones you mentioned. They all sound really good though :-)

I only knew about Glutino. It was good to see Kroger getting in on the action though.

I have heard of Glutino. I am not exactly sure what type of products they make.

I actually have heard of ANY of these. So I’d be excited to try something new.

Ive heard of enjoy life. I’ve also heard of soyjoy and I’ve tried some of their products.

I’ve had a coworker share some Soyjoy products with me – love them.

I’ve heard of a few of them but I’m most familiar with Enjoy Life. I agree that their chocolate bars are yummy.

Enjoy Life is the only brand I had already heard of before reading this post.

I have been gluten-sensitive for years and now break out in sores when I eat a lot of products with gluten. I am so pleased that there are new products out there to eat. Thank you.

I’ve heard of sunbutter, soyjoy and enjoy life! I’m not gluten free, but I do eat mostly vegan, and love enjoy life products!

I have heard of Glutino and Nature’s Path