DIY Candy Wrapper Bracelet


While this is one of my “jail crafts”, I actually learned this technique from my mom years ago.  It was something she did when she was a young girl.  I was so happy to share it with the women I was locked up with because you really don’t have much to do in there.  This was a nice little craft to pass the time and who doesn’t love fun jewelry?  These bracelets are NOT waterproof, even though the wrappers are waxed.  Make sure you remove it before showers, swimming and any other activity where it will get wet so it lasts longer!



20-32 Now n Later (or other flat wrappers) candy wrappers, depending on wrist size (Mine uses 28 and they do stretch a bit with wear)

about 6 inches of heavy duty thread, embroidery floss or yarn (We made “string” out of trash bags)



  1. Flatten your wrapper out.  Make sure it is free of candy residue.  IMG_0342
  2. Fold it in half hotdog style.  IMG_0343
  3. Fold in half hotdog style again.IMG_0344
  4. And again. IMG_0345
  5. Fold your long skinny piece in half hamburger style this time. IMG_0346
  6. Unfold your previous fold.  Then fold each end to touch the middle fold you just previously created.  IMG_0347
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 until you have as many wrappers as you will need.  You can always add or take away if you need more or less later.  Your pieces now resemble angles with a top fold and two “legs”.
  8. Now you want to determine your clean side from your messy side for future instruction.  The clean side (pink) has the folded edge where the messy side (green) shows all the layers.  IMG_0348
  9. Next, you want to hold two pieces together, pac-man mouth style with the clean sides facing each other and the “legs” touching. IMG_0349
  10. You will stick the “legs” of the wrapper in your right hand into the “leg holes” of the wrapper in your left hand. IMG_0350
  11. Push it all the way through and it will look kind of like a bunny.IMG_0351
  12. From here on out, you will stick the legs of each wrapper (clean side DOWN) into the clean side of the bunny ears/leg holes. IMG_0353IMG_0354
  13. Continue putting your wrappers together until you get to your desired length. IMG_0355
  14. Once you get to the end, you’ll bring your two bunny ears/legs back around to your starting piece.  The legs will go into the leg holes of the starting piece. IMG_0356
  15. Once your legs are stuck through the starting wrapper, you’ll run your thread through the parts that are sticking out.  IMG_0357
  16. Tie it in a knot.  Wrap the leftover end of the thread around the starting piece and tie it again. IMG_0358
  17. Enjoy your new jewelry!!  IMG_0359IMG_0360

 Let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems!!   

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Oh, I remember making these out of Juicy fruit yellow wrappers in my schooldays.