DIY Fall Décor Part 1

This year, I decided I wanted to make some of my own Halloween and Fall holiday décor.  I really wanted things that could be left up for Halloween and throughout the Fall season.  I’m not really big into cheesy décor or corny Thanksgiving stuff, so I wanted some more “edgy” decorations.  For part one, I am going to tell you about two projects that we did.  I am going to link to some similar products if I can’t find the exact ones, but for these two projects, I purchased my supplies at WalMart.  You could also shop online or at a local craft store.


Project One: Chalkboard Art

This project is super simple and anyone can do it.  Even if you are not artistic or good at drawing, you can make this one work.  I am terrible at drawing, but I am good at copying things.

You will need:

I started out with the text in white.  I tried to copy the example exactly because I really am terrible at drawing and lettering.  Once I had the text completed in white, I started on the spider web.  I decided to make my spider a black widow because, well, hello…  Black widows are scary as hell, right? 

After I got all the basics done, I wanted to go back and add some color.  I used red and orange to add some definition to the lettering hoping that the mix of color would kind of look like blood.  It worked it some places and in others it looked a little pink.  What can I say?  I’m no professional here.

In the end, I really like the result.  The best part is that when I want to change it (or if you mess up while drawing like I did), all I have to do is wipe it off with a damp cloth and start over!



Project Two: Wood Burning Art

This project is such a broad idea, really.  There are so many different things you could do.  You can use a shaped piece of wood as a starting place for your design or get plain piece of wood and let your imagination run wild.  The wood burning tool kit is surprising affordable and we plan to use it for more crafts in the future so it was a happy purchase.

You will need:

I am obsessed with owls, so when I saw the hanging wooden owl shape, I just KNEW it was the one.  I already had in mind that I wanted to do a sugar skull motif on the owl.  Since we know how terrible I am at drawing, I headed to my favorite search engine, Google, and searched “sugar skull owl”.  I know.  I am so creative. 

I basically just used all of the beautiful art as ideas on different decorations to put all over my owl.  I used pencil so I could erase it if I did something I didn’t like.  Since I did sugar skull make up on myself last year for Halloween, I did have a BIT of an idea of what I was doing.  One of my crafty downfalls is that sometimes I just don’t know when to stop so I had to pry the owl from my overly crafty pencil at one point before I over did it.  Trust me, sugar skull art is VERY easy to overdo. 

Once I was happy with my design, I handed it over to Michael, my partner in craft, and he went to town with the wood burning tool.  This was our first wood burning project, so not all of the lines are perfect or the same width, but that adds to the character of the project.  Also, this tool gets hot in your hand, so please be careful and keep it FAR away from any little ones!!

We haven’t gotten around to painting ours yet, but I think I will.  I’m still contemplating whether I want to use my acrylic paints or go crazy with some fun nail polish out of my giant hoard!  You could even use paint or chalk markers.  The options are endless with these projects!